Ivanka Trump and proud father
Ivanka Trump and proud fatherReuters

Washington D.C. Chabad emmisary Rabbi Levi Shemtov visited the White House with a set of four species and gave dozens of Jewish advisers and officials to bless over them on the Sukkot holiday.

The Jewish daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump-Kushner, blessed the Four Species under the guidance of Rabbi Shemtov, who has been accompanying the Kushners since Trump was elected President and began working as senior advisers in the White House.

On Yom Kippur media photographers filmed Ivanka and Jared strolling to synagogue on foot with their three children.

Ivanka (Yael by her Jewish name) was photographed with her 7-year-old daughter Arbella and two-year-old son Theodor, accompanied by several Secret Service agents. Kushner and 4-year-old Joseph arrived at the synagogue about an hour earlier.