France: Iranian who Attacked Rabbi is Repeat Offender

An Iranian mental patient who attacked a rabbi had assaulted at least two other Jews., 5/2/2013, 4:19 PM

Iranian Spy Arrested with False Israeli Passport

Iranian man arrested while spying on Israeli embassy in Nepal., 4/22/2013, 9:07 PM

Iran: Israeli Ceasefire a Sign of Weakness

Iranian leaders say ceasefire shows Israel is weak. Hamas tells Gaza Arabs ‘We won.’Maayana Miskin, 11/23/2012, 9:20 AM

Azerbaijan: 3 Jailed for Plotting Murder at Jewish School

Three convicted of planning to murder Jewish teachers in Iran-linked plot.Maayana Miskin, 9/28/2012, 8:50 AM

Congressmen Say It's Time to Come Out Clearly and Name Iran

While the Obama Administration has been somewhat reticent about naming Iran, the same is not true for Congress.Amiel Ungar, 7/27/2012, 3:43 AM

Warrant Issued for 3 Iranians in Delhi Blast Case

An Indian court is seeking the arrest of three Iranian nationals in connection to the 13 February bombing of an Israeli embassy car.Gabe Kahn., 3/15/2012, 12:47 PM

Report: Iran Implicated in Embassy Car Bombing

Delhi Police are expected to announce they have conclusively tied the February 13 bombing of an Israeli embassy car to Iran.Gabe Kahn., 3/13/2012, 9:10 PM

Report: Israel Warned Turkey of Attacks on Diplomats

A report said that Israel had warned Turkish authorities that Iran was organizing attacks on Israeli diplomats in that countryDavid Lev, 3/8/2012, 11:01 AM

Delhi Bombing Suspect Remanded for Interrogation

Delhi police have 20 days to interrogate a suspect over possible 'foreign involvement' in the bombing of an Israeli diplomat's car.Gabe Kahn., 3/7/2012, 6:01 PM

Thai Police Grill 3 Iranians Over Botched Bombings

Police in Thailand say they are questioning three more Iranians in connection to a botched February 14 bombing targeting Israeli diplomatsGabe Kahn., 2/27/2012, 8:50 PM

Security Officials: More Attacks Coming

Israel's Counter-terrorism Bureau warned Friday that it expects more attacks on Israelis travelling abroad, and senior officials.Gabe Kahn., 2/17/2012, 3:17 PM

US Treasury Targets Iranian Intelligence

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security for exporting terror and violating human rightsGabe Kahn., 2/17/2012, 2:35 PM

Thailand Manhunt for Iranian 'Bomb Expert'

Thai police are searching for two more Iranians - one an explosives expert - involved in Monday's bombing that targeted Israeli diplomatsGabe Kahn., 2/17/2012, 2:07 PM

Singapore: No Assassination Plot Against Barak

Singaporean police denies a report in Kuwait's al-Jarida that Hizbullah and Iran sought to assassinate Ehud Barak in the cityGabe Kahn., 2/16/2012, 7:25 PM

Netanyahu: Iran Sanctions 'Not Working'

Frustration with Iran is boiling over in Jerusalem amid this week's terror attacks targeting Israel's diplomats in Asia.Gabe Kahn., 2/16/2012, 6:53 PM

Israel Complains to UN Chief Over Iranian Terror Campaign

Israel's UN envoy Ron Prosor filed a formal complaint with UN chief Ban Ki-moon over Iran's 'terror campaign' on Israeli diplomats.Gabe Kahn., 2/16/2012, 5:56 PM

Different Explosives Used in Delhi and Bangkok Attacks

Investigators in India and Thailand say the bombs used in this week's attacks on Israeli targets contained different explosives.Gabe Kahn., 2/16/2012, 3:35 PM

Tal's Mother: 'She is a Hero'

The mother of Tal Yehoshua Koren, wounded in Monday's terror attack in Delhi, says she will be traveling to India to join her daughter.Gabe Kahn., 2/16/2012, 3:10 PM

Terror Alerts Up: NYC Cops 'Not Taking Chances'

Although there is no concrete threat right now, New York police are increasing security around Israeli and Jewish institutionsDavid Lev, 2/16/2012, 10:23 AM

Thai Police Arrest Second Iranian After Bangkok Blasts

Thai police arrested another Iranian man they say is connected to twin bomb attacks in Bangkok; a third Iranian remains at large. Gabe Kahn., 2/14/2012, 9:39 PM