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Israeli counterterrorism officials warned Friday that Iran and its terror confederate Hizbullah are plotting more attacks on Israelis abroad.

"It appears as though Iran and Hezbollah are currently trying to carry out attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets abroad," Israel's Counter-terrorism Bureau said.

Officials said they drew these conclusion "in light of the findings emerging from the questioning of detainees," arrested in relation to recent attacks.

The warning called on Israelis travelling abroad to "be alert, avoid taking suspicious objects from strangers, and be responsive to local security guidelines."

"Iran and Hezbollah are continuing to try to carry out other attacks on targets abroad," one senior official told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity. "That means asking Israelis abroad to be vigilant."

The official did not outline any specific threats or locations, but did say Israel has "general information reflecting intent," that more attacks are coming.

Noting that Iran had risked disrupting relations with countries it is on good terms with, the official said Tehran had demonstrated high motivation to hit Israeli targets.

The warning comes after three separate attempts to target Israeli diplomats for assassination this week.

On Monday, a car bomb critically injured an Israeli diplomat’s wife in Delhi, while authorities in the Georgian capital of Tsbili disarmed a bomb attached to an Israeli embassy car.

A botched bombing plot in Bangkok on Tuesday resulted in three Iranian nationals being arrested. One accidentally blew his legs off, one was arrested fleeing Thailand, and a third was arrested in Malaysia.

Thai authorities, who have mounted a manhunt for two more Iranian suspects, say Israeli diplomats were the targets. One of the men being sought is believed to be the bomb maker.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu unambiguously blamed Iran for all three incidents. Israeli officials suspect Lebanon's Hizbullah terror group of having carried them out on Iran's behalf.

Tehran denied the report and said Israel had targeted its own diplomats as a part of a "psychological warfare campaign" it was mounting on Iran.

Meanwhile, Hizbullah chief Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said his group "doesn't bother with such small attacks," which led to speculation it has senior Israeli officials in its crosshairs.

The Israeli official said Israel took Nasrallah's threats seriously.

"After Nasrallah's speech, senior officials are a priority target, and that is definitely why we are following everything that points in that direction," he said.