IAF retaliates in Gaza after mortar attack

Latest attack aimed at Engineering Corps as they were in the middle of an operation; none were hurt.Tova Dvorin, 5/6/2016, 9:07 AM

Mortar Shell from Syria Explodes in Golan

Mortar shell from Syria explodes on the Israeli side of the border as fighting from Syrian civil war spills over yet again.Elad Benari, Canada, 9/27/2015, 8:36 PM

Report: Mortar Shell Fired in the Golan Heights

Shell strikes an open area, with no injuries or damage; security sources say it is likely Syria spillover.Ido Ben-Porat, 4/15/2015, 8:06 PM

Name of Second Victim Killed by Mortar: Shahar Melamed

Melamed, 43, father of three, was killed along with Ze'evik Etzion at Kibbutz Nirim juts before the latest ceasefire took force.Gil Ronen, 8/27/2014, 7:28 AM

Parents of Four Year-Old Killed by Rocket Fire Speak Out

Gila and Doron Tragerman, parents of four year-old Daniel hy"d, say they will not return to Nahal Oz after shiva mourning period.Uzi Baruch, Tova Dvorin, 8/25/2014, 5:26 PM

Four Year-Old Killed By Mortar Shell Laid to Rest

Thousands attend funeral, including President Reuven Rivlin. Mother: 'We want to thank you for teaching us to love.'Yedidya Ben-Or, Tova Dvorin, 8/24/2014, 1:17 PM

Mortar from Syria Fired Towards Golan Heights

Mortar from Syria explodes near Druze village in the Golan Height. IDF returns fire.Ido Ben Porat, 7/13/2014, 11:56 PM

Gaza Terrorists Fire Mortars at IDF Troops Near the Border

Gaza terrorists fire several mortar shells at IDF troops patrolling the Gaza border, 4/14/2014, 1:42 AM

Gaza Terrorists Fire Mortar Shells at IDF Patrol

IDF force comes under attack during routine patrol along Gaza border.Gil Ronen, 4/10/2014, 3:23 PM

Second Attack on Southern Israel in 24 Hours

Mortar shell lands in Sha'ar HaNegev, sounds alarm; no injuries or damage reported.Tova Dvorin, 4/9/2014, 8:15 PM

Syrian Mortar Shell Strikes Golan Heights

The shell exploded in empty territory near Tel Fares, causing no casualties or damage, is probably Syrian civil war 'spillover'.Gil Ronen, 12/23/2013, 12:45 PM

Two Mortar Shells Hit Southern Israel

Attacks from Gaza continue: two mortar shells hit Eshkol region in southern Israel.Maayana Miskin, 10/27/2013, 3:15 PM

2 Israeli Soldiers Injured by Syrian Mortar Fire

In the northern Golan Heights, two soldiers were wounded from a mortar shell which fell next to them.Kochava Rozenbaum , 10/9/2013, 3:36 PM

Lebanon: 1 Dead as Shells Hit Hizbullah Stronghold

Cross-border mortar shells from Syria kill one person and wound another near the eastern Lebanese town of Hermel.Elad Benari, 5/28/2013, 5:45 AM

Third Syrian Shell in 24 Hours Hits Golan

A stray mortar shell causes no casualties or damage. Two rockets were fired from Syria Monday.Gil Ronen, 5/7/2013, 11:21 AM

Three Syrian Mortar Shells Strike Golan Heights

Security establishment believes the shells were stray ones. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.Gil Ronen, 3/2/2013, 7:15 PM

Mortar Shell Fired from Syria Falls in Golan

A mortar shell fired from Syria fell on the Israeli side of the border fence on the Golan Heights Wednesday afternoon, security sources saidDavid Lev, 12/5/2012, 7:57 PM

Firefighter Wounded in Mortar Attack on Southern Israel

A firefighter was moderately wounded during an artillery attack on the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council district.Chana Ya'ar, 11/18/2012, 1:17 PM

Gaza Terrorists Launch Mortar Attack on IDF Patrol

Gaza terrorists continued attacking southern Israel on Thursday, aiming mortar shells at Israeli soldiers on a routine patrol.Chana Ya'ar, 9/20/2012, 4:01 PM

Mortar Shells that Struck Negev Contained Phosphorus

Two phosphorus mortar shells that hit western Negev exploded without causing casualties or damage.Gil Ronen, 1/1/2012, 10:14 PM

Exploding Qassam Rocket Traumatizes Residents

Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists in Gaza fired a Qassam rocket at southern Israeli civilians Monday night, causing fear but no damage.Chana Ya'ar, 12/12/2011, 9:13 PM