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Netanyahu Demands Pollard's Release

Pollard released from hospital - and back into his jail cell, apparently needs surgery. PM to Kerry: 'Pollard's life is in danger.'Uzi Baruch, Ari Yashar, 12/6/2014, 8:03 PM

The Truth About Jonathan Pollard's "Escape Plan"

Why is it that a handler’s character assassination of his agent, 30 years down the line - this handler who abandoned Pollard - is so appealing to media that it is rebroadcast as breaking news on Israeli TV, as it was this week?Rabbi Pesach Lerner, 12/5/2014, 3:19 PM

Jonathan Pollard Loses Consciousness

Pollard, now in his 30th year behind American bars, evacuated to the hospital from his cell amid failing health.Ari Yashar, 12/5/2014, 2:33 PM

Eitan: I Ordered to Send Him Away from the Embassy

Rafi Eitan admits he gave the orders to turn away Jonathan Pollard and his wife from the Israeli Embassy in November 1985.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/1/2014, 12:16 AM

Let Pollard Go, Demands Commentary Editor

Pollard's first request for parole since his 1985 imprisonment was denied on grounds that are inarguably false, writes Jonathan Tobin.Gil Ronen, 11/26/2014, 12:52 PM

PM Meets Esther Pollard, Vows Jonathan's Release

Netanyahu says he is 'not slackening' efforts to return Jonathan Pollard home, days after the prisoner marks 30 years of incarceration.Tova Dvorin, 11/24/2014, 4:25 PM

Denial of Pollard's Parole was 'Deeply Flawed'

Senior US officials write to Obama over 'unjust' parole denial as Pollard enters 30 years in US prison.Ari Yashar, 11/20/2014, 8:28 PM

Report: US Blocks Pollard Parole Request - Again

US Justice Department allegedly shoots down Pollard parole request - days before he marks his 30th year in prison.Tova Dvorin, 11/19/2014, 7:30 PM

Judge Rubinstein: Free Pollard

Haaretz alleges that the judge's remarks may constitute an infraction of the ethical guidelines for judges.Uzi Baruch, Gil Ronen, 10/4/2014, 11:54 PM

Netanyahu to Request Pollard's Release from Obama

Source in PM's entourage tells Arutz Sheva Pollard and Iranian nukes will be discussed with US president.Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar, 9/30/2014, 6:29 PM

'We're Pro-Choice: The Choice Against Abortion'

Dr. Schussheim of NGO Efrat tells Arutz Sheva how his group has saved 58,000 Jewish babies since 1977.Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar, 9/29/2014, 10:44 AM

Renewed Calls to Release Jonathan Pollard

Joint effort to fight ISIS demonstrates 'outrageousness' of Pollard's near thirty-year sentence, activist says.Uzi Baruch, Tova Dvorin, 9/27/2014, 11:59 PM

Jonathan Pollard Turns 60 Behind Bars

The victim of US vengefulness who transferred secret data to Israel is in his 29th year of incarceration.Gil Ronen, 8/7/2014, 2:05 PM

Peres: Obama Set to Consider Deal to Free Pollard

After a meeting with Brack Obama, Shimon Peres said that it appeared Jonathan Pollard's case would be reconsidered by the US.Yaakov Levi & Yoni Kempinski, 6/26/2014, 9:19 AM

Peres Asks Obama: Release Pollard

In his final visit to Washington as Israel's president, Peres tells Obama that Jonathan Pollard should be released for humanitarian reasons.Hezki Baruch, 6/25/2014, 11:34 PM

Legal Experts Demand Obama Free Pollard

Harvard and Canadian legal professors write to president, outlining detailed argument why Pollard must be freed.Ari Yashar, 6/24/2014, 7:49 PM

Peres, Delegation to Ask for Pollard's Release

Esther Pollard, Knesset MKs meet with Shimon Peres to champion for Pollard's release. Peres: Jonathan's release a 'national duty.'Shlomo Pitrikovsky, 6/22/2014, 2:44 PM

Jonathan Pollard Prays for Kidnapped Teens

Captive Israeli 'praying from the depths of hell' for the boys' safety, wife Esther Pollard tells reporters.Tova Dvorin, 6/16/2014, 2:46 PM

MKs Draft Letter to Obama for Pollard's Release

Knesset delegation to make another push for Pollard's freedom, after weeks of silence on rumored deal.Hezki Baruch and Tova Dvorin, 5/26/2014, 8:26 PM

Students Answer Test With Call for Pollard Release

Students used a novel 'equation' to protest Jonathan Pollard's continued imprisonment in the US.Moshe Cohen, 5/26/2014, 6:29 PM

Report: US - 'Israel Crossed the Line'

Unconfirmed comments touch two nerves: the visa crisis issue, and Jonathan Pollard's freedom.Tova Dvorin, 5/6/2014, 8:29 PM

Torah Scroll Waits for Pollard At Hevron

Shaul Halfon dedicated a Torah scroll for Pollard's release three years ago, slams US administration's 'blind hate' of Israel.Benny Toker, Ari Yashar, 4/25/2014, 7:52 AM

Minister Warns Israeli Sovereignty is in Danger

Housing minister tells Arutz Sheva about proposed terror deal, 2015 housing price drop; slams collective punishment in Yitzhar.Hezki Baruch, Ari Yashar, 4/14/2014, 1:00 PM

'Israeli-Arab Terrorists Releases or No Deal'

Senior government officials say the controversial releases are key to continuing peace talks, despite 'zero chance' of success.Hezki Baruch and Tova Dvorin, 4/12/2014, 9:35 PM

'Free Murderers So Enemies Will Talk To Us?'

Chairman of Bnei Akiva notes that deal to free more terrorists, enact building freeze, 'would hurt our people the most.'Hezki Baruch, 4/11/2014, 11:48 AM

Pollard Must Be Set Free Now!

No freeing of terrorists. Pollard must be set free because he should be set free, with no strings attached. Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, 4/10/2014, 11:47 PM

'Kerry Wants Nobel At Expense of Bereaved Israel'

Bereaved father slams deal offering Pollard for terrorists as threat to Israel, says Obama and Kerry 'malicious towards Pollard.'Ido Ben-Porat, Ari Yashar, 4/10/2014, 9:28 PM

US Denies Deal Finalized For Pollard's Release

Officials deny reports of deal that includes release of Arab terrorists and a building freeze, freedom for Pollard, more talks.Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar, 4/10/2014, 6:12 PM

Famous Cantor Dedicates Final Song to Pollard

After 15 years of silence, Moshe Stern will perform a special song he wrote for Pollard, in what likely to be his last public performance.Oranit Etzer, Ari Yashar, 4/7/2014, 12:18 PM

Ben Stein: Stop Torturing Jonathan Pollard

Commentator Ben Stein offers his thoughts on convicted spy Jonathan Pollard and a proposed Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.Arutz Sheva staff, 4/6/2014, 10:22 PM

Special Knesset Session Monday on Talks, Pollard

Knesset is in spring recess, but will convene to debate 'the crisis in the negotiations with the Palestinians.'Gil Ronen, 4/6/2014, 4:40 PM

Hayden: Pollard Release - on Humanitarian Grounds

Michael Hayden: If Pollard is released, it should be on humanitarian grounds, not in a deal that has Israel freeing terrorists.Uzi Baruch, 4/6/2014, 6:15 AM

Jonathan Pollard Saves Israel – Again

Waiving of parole seen to nix Obama Administration scheme to release of hundreds of terrorists in exchange for Pollard as part of a deal to insure continuation of US. Mideast initiative. Barouch Levy, 4/6/2014, 1:39 AM

ADL Says Pollard Case 'Borders on Anti-Semitism'

National Director Abe Foxman calls out the US on hiding anti-Semitism in heated meeting with Knesset members.Tova Dvorin, 4/4/2014, 9:17 AM

Expert: Terrorists Likely to Go Free, Not Pollard

Dr. Aryeh Bachrach believes Israel is likely to end up releasing terrorists, while Jonathan Pollard remains in prison in the U.S.Moshe Cohen, 4/3/2014, 2:43 PM

Minister Calls to Cancel Oslo Accords

Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel declares Israel's right to 'break the rules' after PA runs to UN.Hezki Baruch and Tova Dvorin, 4/2/2014, 6:45 PM

Fresh March Against Terrorist Release in Jerusalem

Bereaved families raise outcry over terrorist releases, 'end to Israel's sovereignty' proposed in possible deal with US and PA.Yishai Karov and Baruch Gordon, 4/2/2014, 5:41 PM

Is Pollard Open to Terrorist Release Deal?

Campaign spokesman hints Pollard is willing to be freed in peace talk deal; conflicts with reports about waiving hearing to protest deal.Ari Yashar, 4/2/2014, 1:58 PM

Opposition Head Calls on US to Free Jonathan

MK Yitzhak Herzog says Pollard is 'neither the Right's nor the Left's. I want to see him with us before the Seder.'Ben Shaul, Nir Har Zahav, 4/2/2014, 1:37 PM

Senior Senators Oppose Pollard Release

Chairwoman and Vice Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee reject proposal, accuse Pollard of 'major betrayal.'Ari Yashar, 4/2/2014, 8:03 AM

Shamir: U.S. Proposal - 'Bribery and Blackmail'

Agriculture Minister criticizes the United States for equating Jonathan Pollard in with the release of Arab terrorists.Uzi Baruch, 4/2/2014, 2:15 AM

ADL Slams US For Making Pollard 'Bargaining Chip'

Obama has made no decision yet about Pollard; ADL argues his release should not be 'intertwined' in peace talks.Ari Yashar, 4/1/2014, 11:00 PM

Pollard Waives Parole Hearing To Oppose Deal

Parole commissioner reveals Pollard refuses hearing on same day that deal for his release in exchange for Arab terrorists is revealed.Ari Yashar, 4/1/2014, 7:46 PM

Involving Pollard is 'Shameful'

Legal expert says Pollard has the right to refuse to cooperate in 'shameful' attempt to use his release to free hundreds more terrorists.Ari Soffer and Benny Toker, 4/1/2014, 6:48 PM

Israel Building 700 New Jerusalem Housing Units

Far-left group Peace Now reports on over 700 new tenders in Gilo neighborhood over 1949 Armistice lines, claims it 'undermines peace.'Ari Yashar, 4/1/2014, 5:28 PM

Judea Samaria Council Slams 'US Bribery'

Yesha Council denounces US proposal to release Pollard in exchange for hundreds of terrorists and partial building freeze.Shlomo Pyotrkovsky, Ari Yashar, 4/1/2014, 5:10 PM

Rabbis Denounce Pollard Deal

Major Israeli religious figures slam US for holding Pollard "hostage," say releasing terrorists forbidden by the Torah.Ido Ben-Porat and Tova Dvorin, 4/1/2014, 3:12 PM

Report: Pollard to Be Released in Two Weeks

Israeli source says Pollard deal is in the process of being secured - but at what cost?Uzi Baruch, 4/1/2014, 1:43 PM

Politicians Uneasy Over Pollard Deal

Several top MKs and Ministers express reservations over deal, note security risk for Israel.Tova Dvorin, 4/1/2014, 1:30 PM

Kerry Leaves Israel Without Meeting Abbas

Last-minute meetings end without a meeting between US Secretary of State, PA chairman. What does it mean for Israel?Tova Dvorin, 4/1/2014, 10:57 AM

US Confirms Pollard's Release is on the Table

Obama administration negotiating with Israel to secure Pollard's release - but it would mean 'significant concessions' for Israel.Tova Dvorin, 4/1/2014, 9:08 AM

Elkin: Israel to Stand Strong Over Role in Talks

Deputy Minister Ze'ev Elkin, in Arutz Sheva interview, explains why Israel should stand strong - and prevent capitulating to PA.Tova Dvorin, 3/31/2014, 9:05 PM

Report: Pollard to Go Free on Pesach?

US reportedly offers Jonathan Pollard's freedom in exchange for fourth terrorist release - around Passover, the Jewish holiday of freedom.Tova Dvorin, 3/31/2014, 8:59 PM

Shalit Calls on Netanyahu To Free Pollard

Ex-captive soldier tells Netanyahu to demand US free Pollard before they pressure Israel into any more terrorist releases.Nir Har-Zahav, Ari Yashar, 3/31/2014, 11:32 AM

Danon: Pollard Should be Freed, Not Terrorists

Danny Danon reiterates threat to resign his post if more terrorists were released – even if Jonathan Pollard was part of the deal.Moshe Cohen, 3/30/2014, 8:03 PM

White House: No Plans to Free Pollard

State Department stops short of clearly denying report that it offered Israel a deal in which Pollard will be freed.Hezki Baruch, 3/26/2014, 11:29 AM

Bennett doesn't Believe US Offer on Pollard

'I'm very skeptical,' says Bayit Yehudi head. 'I still haven't seen the US put its hand in its pocket on Pollard.'Hezki Baruch, 3/26/2014, 10:37 AM