Statistician: 'People came out of their holes to vote Likud'

Meno Geva, head of survey panel, says right-wing victory due to Israelis 'coming out of holes in Dimona and Ashkelon' to vote Likud.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Meno Geva
Meno Geva
Arutz Sheva

Meno Geva, a statistician and the head of the Midgam survey panel, explained why the pre-election polls failed to predict the right-wing victory.

Pre-election polls conducted by Midgam had predicted, a center-left victory or an equal number of Knesset seats for both the center-left and religious-right blocs.

"They talked about the fact that they came out of all the holes - in Dimona, in Ashkelon, and they all went to vote for the Likud," Geva said.

Tweeting a clip of Geva's statement, journalist Yaara Zered responded, "Those conducting the surveys don't understand how they messed up (again) need to internalize the fact that Dimona and Ashkelon are not *holes* Likud supporters crawl out of. That's the essence of the disconnect."

Coalition Chairman David Amsalem (Likud) echoed her sentiments: "This is the reason why his surveys are disconnected from reality, again and again. Dimona and Ashkelon are our beautiful Israel, and anyone who ignores them will make a mockery of himself with his polls."