Rocket launched towards Israel falls in Gaza

Air raid sirens did not sound, IDF says.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Remains of a rocket
Remains of a rocket
Aviv Hertz/ TPS

The IDF on Saturday identified a rocket launched from Gaza towards Israel.

According to the IDF, the rocket fell short of its goal and landed in an open field within Gaza.

Israel's Color Red air raid sirens were not sounded, since the rocket exploded before it crossed into Israeli territory.

Earlier this month, Israel began implementing an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, expanding Gaza's fishing zone in an agreement which would end incendiary and explosive balloons sent from Gaza into Israel, as well as put an end to rocket attacks on Israel.

Earlier this month, Hamas claimed the ceasefire talks were progressing, and on Friday urged the United Nations to speed up another part of the agreement: the transfer of Qatari aid to Gaza.