Yadlin assesses:
'US will push for coalition with Gantz'

As US peace plan looms, Institute for National Security Studies head assesses US will try to influence makeup of next coalition.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Amos Yadlin
Amos Yadlin
Flash 90

The head of the Institute for National Security Studies, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, referred in an interview with Reshet Bet this morning, Sunday, to Netanyahu's words about the US peace plan in the closed part of the Warsaw conference.

"We do not have to accept the Arab peace plan, which is unacceptable, we do not have to accept what Sisi said yesterday in Munich, but it is impossible with the positions presented by the Israeli government in the past four years to move forward with the Arabs," Yadlin explained.

"I think that Netanyahu, as an experienced statesman, understood that he is going to get the Trump plan not in the summer but immediately after the elections," added Yadlin.

Yadlin noted, "I think that the Americans have reached the conclusion - and this is an assessment, not a statement of fact - that that they need to influence which government there will be in Israel after the elections."

In response to a question about whether this meant a government with Gantz instead of Bennett, Yadlin said, "This is exactly the intention, to move the next coalition of the State of Israel to the center-right, not to the extreme right."