'I felt that I was being hit on the head'

Tamir Gross, who was moderately injured after being hit with a hammer by a Jordanian worker in Eilat, recalls what happened.

Ido Ben Porat,

Port of Eilat
Port of Eilat
Flash 90

Tamir Gross, one of the workers at the Port of Eilat who were attacked on Friday by a Jordanian worker, recounted the incident on Saturday.

"Suddenly I was hit three times on the head with a hammer," the 24-year-old Gross, who had been working on the platform with his co-workers, recalled from his bed at the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva, where he was hospitalized with moderate injuries.

"I fell into the water and immediately afterwards, the guy jumped into the water and started to swim after me. I did not see anything, I saw black, I fell and then I understood what was going on. I continued to flee the scene and began to swim. I realized that I was bleeding,” he continued.

“From there I just got on the ladder and wandered down the quayside. One of the Jordanian workers helped me. They took me and my friend to a clinic, and then the police arrived,” he said.

Gross, who lives in Eilat, works as a diver for a company that performs marine work. "I am used to water, so I was a bit quicker than he was. He tried to continue to hit me with the hammer in his hand. I thought I managed to kick him to keep him away. My friend at that moment was unconscious on the platform. I saw that he too was bleeding," Gross told the Haaretz website.

Police believe the incident was a terror attack. The Jordanian worker was arrested and interrogated by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). A gag order has been imposed on the details of the investigation.