'If there are more rockets, we'll hit Gaza harder'

Lull in rocket attacks on Israel after number of injured climbs to 11.

Kobi Finkler ,

Hamas terrorists fire rockets at Israel
Hamas terrorists fire rockets at Israel
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A source in Israel's defense system spoke on Wednesday morning about the attacks in Gaza.

"Over the past few months, Israel has acted determinedly and with strength, responding to every attempt to harm its sovereignty or the security of its citizens in the south," the sources said, adding that "Israel will continue to respond with strength to every attempt to disturb the quiet."

According to the source, the IDF delivered a severe blow to Gaza on Tuesday night, striking dozens of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets. One of the targets destroyed was a terror tunnel stretching 900 meters (2,953 feet) into Israeli territory.

"We act responsibly and after careful thought. Since the morning, the firing has ceased," he said.

"Israel sent a message that if attacks begin again, the attacks on Hamas and its offshoots will become more forceful. Now, actions will decide what the future holds."

At least 110 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel Monday night and 7:00a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Eleven Israelis were injured in the attacks, including three IDF soldiers.

Since no rockets or mortars have been fired from Gaza since 7:00a.m., the IDF opened the border crossings between Gaza and Israel.

Rockets & mortars fired by terrorists at Israeli civilians IDF