Gaza drone crashes in Israel

Unmanned aircraft leaves Gaza, crashes in Israel. Is Hamas' next step to use drones as weapons in terror attacks?

Uzi Baruch,


IDF forces on Saturday identified a drone which took off from Gaza and landed in Israeli territory.

The drone, from southern Gaza, was taken for analysis and inspection, and the IDF is investigating the incident.

Israeli security forces suspect Hamas is attempting to penetrate Israel with drones loaded with explosives or weapons. These drones would then explode in a populated Israeli civilian or military area.

In recent months, Hamas has used camera-carrying drones in order to gather intelligence on Israel. Several times, Israel has confiscated Hamas-bound drones sent from terror-supporting Middle Eastern countries.

In July, an Israeli drone crashed in Gaza. On Tuesday, the IDF shot down two gliders entering Israel from Gaza, and in February, the IAF shot down a Hamas drone flying over the Mediterranean.

Last October, IDF forces noticed a kite with a camera crossing the border from Gaza into Israel.