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  Sivan 15, 5772 , 05/06/12

Call to Repatriate and Retrain African Illegals

Political analyst Jay Shapiro has announced what he sees as a win-win solution for the problem of illegal immigrants. Over 4,000 illegal migrants risk their lives to come to Israel every month. The majority are Muslims from the African nation of Eritrea. Some are committing petty crimes in poor neighborhoods and worsening the job market for native Israelis. Shapiro's solution is to set up transit camps to give illegal migrants job training before they are repatriated back to their homeland.

"We can raise their employment capabilities," Shapiro stated on his weekly podcast on Israel National Radio. "Let them go back and improve the countries that they came from. You don't necessarily need more police to control the situation, just a smart constructive policy," he stated.

"We are supposed to be 'a light unto the nations'," Shapiro continued. "We should set an amnesty date and send them back. Not only will they be helping their own countries but hopefully become pro-Israel ambassadors," he said. Shapiro suggested that NGOs help fund such a project.

For the full proposal, download the latest Jay Shapiro Show by clicking here.

Jay Shapiro is the author of six books on Israeli politics, the Middle East, Judaism and aliyah. His podcast airs every Sunday on Arutz Sheva's English language streaming audio cast. For archived shows click here.

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