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      About Jay Shapiro

      Jay Shapiro is the author of six books on Israeli politics, the Middle East, Judaism and aliyah. He is a columnist and frequently lectures in Israel and the United States. He was previously a physicist at a major Israeli firm and served as an aliyah shaliach for the Jewish Agency in America. His show has been on Israel National Radio since 1998. The Jay Shapiro Podcast airs every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.

      About Jay's Shows

      The Jay Shapiro Hour

      The Jay Shapiro Show is intellectual radio which seeks to get behind the headlines and explain the political trends of Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. If you're looking for insight and analysis, Jay's show is for you. His podcast airs every Sunday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Israel time on Israel National Radio.
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      From Jay Shapiro's Blog

      Obama Cairo Speech and the Tripoli Treaty - Blackmail?

      Plus ça change plus c’est la mĕme chose In his speech in Cairo, Egypt, United States President Barack Obama noted that in the Treaty of Tripoli...

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      Jay Shapiro's Latest Shows

      What is Judeo-Phobia? / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      In every generation arises those who would destroy us, but the Holy One saves us from their hands. What is the modern Pharaoh?

      Sun, Apr 20
      Kerry and Passover / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Jewish holiday of Passover.     

      Sun, Apr 13
      John Kerry: An Honest Broker? / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Jay weighs in on John Kerry, Jonathan Pollard and the PA.            

      Sun, Apr 06
      A7 Background Primer to Israel / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Because things are relatively quiet at the moment, it's time for a background primer.

      Sun, Mar 30
      Dry Bones Cartoonist Speaks Out! / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Classic Israeli-American cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen provides new insights into the Passover Seder

      Mon, Mar 24
      How Ukraine Affects Israel / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Modern day isolationism vis-a-vis Russia and how it can help Israel.       

      Sun, Mar 09
      Why Arab States Don't Accept Us / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Kerry's Folly                             

      Sun, Mar 02
      Will Israel Be Blame? / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Kerry's mission is doomed to fail and the blame will be place on Israel. 

      Mon, Feb 17
      The Obama Doctrine / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      The Obama Doctrine of Social Welfare is applied to the Middle East to pressure Israel to give up territory.

      Sun, Feb 09
      An In-Depth Analysis on Israel / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Jay Shapiro and Arthur Green lay down the facts in another political analysis of the Middle East.

      Sun, Jan 19
      Should Israel Annex Samaria? / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      What exactly will happen when Israel finally annexes Judea and Samaria?    

      Sun, Jan 12
      Is it Really Left vs. Right? / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      The importance of proper definitions.              

      Sun, Jan 05
      Truth about the Arabs & Jews / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Another interview with Middle East expert Arthur Green on the Israel-Arab conflict. 

      Sun, Dec 29
      Why Jews Vote Democrat / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Why Jews Vote Democrat. An historical analysis.            

      Mon, Dec 23
      The INR Tutorial on Israel / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      All you need to know about the history of Israel and how it applies to modern times.

      Sun, Dec 15
      Interview with Attaché to Qatar / The Jay Shapiro Hour
      Former cultural attaché to Israel and Qatar Arthur Green discusses the psychological narrative rather then the history of the conflict. Sun, Dec 08
      Bennett- Finally a Spokesman / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      Praise for Knesset Minister Naftali Bennett's outstanding speaking tour in America.

      Sun, Nov 24
      Obamacare and Iran / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      If Obamacare is that bad what does that say about the Iranian talks?     

      Sun, Nov 17
      Kerry Threat & Return of Israel / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      A new book on Israel's hope for the world, and John Kerry's visit to Israel.

      Sun, Nov 10
      Israel's Wrong Arguments / The Jay Shapiro Hour

      The most common misconceptions on what arguments to use to defend Israel.    

      Sun, Nov 03