Yusuf Hasan Al-Ramuni

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Abbas's PA Celebrates 'Heroic' Jerusalem Attack

Abbas's adviser calls attack 'heroic operation,' Fatah welcomes it and 'escorts the martyrs to paradise' as the candy is passed out.

Abbas's PA and Fatah Celebrate 'Heroic' Jerusalem Attack

Autopsy Calls Bus Driver's Death A Suicide

Autopsy of Yusuf Hasan al-Ramuni rules death a suicide. Tensions and riots continue with chants of 'revenge' at his funeral in Abu Dis.

Autopsy Rules Bus Driver's Death A Suicide, Riots Continue

Hamas Call for Escalation After Bus Driver's Death

Hamas claims death of Arab bus driver was 'murder', calls for escalation against Israel for 'committing crimes against our people.'

Hamas Calls for Escalation After Arab Bus Driver's Suicide

Riots as Jews Blamed for Arab Bus Driver's Death

Police report suicide after Arab Egged driver found in capital hanged with no signs of violence on him; claims of foul-play spark riots.

Riots as Arab Bus Driver's Death Blamed on 'Settlers'