Arab rioters in Jerusalem (file)
Arab rioters in Jerusalem (file)Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The death of Yusuf Hasan al-Ramuni, an Arab 32-year-old Egged bus driver found hanged Sunday night in his bus at the Har Hotzvim industrial zone bus depot in northern Jerusalem, has been ruled a suicide. 

The criminal pathologist who performed the autopsy at the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv told al-Ramuni's family and police that no evidence of foul play was found and that the driver was not murdered. 

"No suspicion of criminal activity was found," said police spokeswoman Luba Samri in a statement after the postmortem was carried out. 

Despite the autopsy and earlier police reports, the Palestinian population has been quick to label al-Ramuni's death a murder carried out by "Jewish settlers."

Al-Ramuni's family supported these allegations refusing to believe it was a suicide. "We reject the suicide theory. We all know it was settlers who killed him," Osama al-Ramuni, the deceased's brother, accused.

Clashes erupted in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis, as dozens of protestors burned tires and threw stones at police forces, who responded with tear gas and sponge rounds, an AFP correspondent reported. 

Demonstrators were also seen trying to break down part of Israel's concrete separation barrier which cuts through the neighborhood. 

The funeral for al-Ramuni, held in Abu Dis, was attended by thousands of people, some of whom chanted "revenge."

Palestinians are likely being fueled by their leadership, who have also come out calling al-Ramuni's death a murder and blaming it on Jewish "settlers."

Terrorist group Hamas, who controls Gaza, called on Palestinians to escalate resistance against Israel and to "express their anger against this horrible, racist crime." 

Senior Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader, Hanan Ashrawi also released a statement condemning "Jewish extremist terrorism" and the Israeli government's "official incitement to violence."

Al-Ramuni's death comes after months of savagery and tension in Jerusalem, with police in Israel's capital on high alert for violence.