Iranian attack on Isarel
Iranian attack on IsarelTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Kan Channel 2 reported that Israel sent private messages to the Arab countries in the region that its response to the Iranian attack would not endanger them or their regimes in any way.

According to the report, the countries in the region who helped, in one way or another, to thwart the Iranian attack, are very concerned of Israel's expected response.

They are worried that Israel will retaliate in a way that will cause Iran to take military action against them as well, following threatening messages coming from Tehran that any country that opens its territory or its airspace to an Israeli attack against Iran is expected to enter the circle of fire.

A direct military brawl between Israel and Iran, that brings Iraq into the picture, would also affect Jordan. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia fear that in the event of a direct confrontation between Israel and Iran, they would also be forced into a circle of fire, either through the Houthis in Yemen, or directly.

The fact that Arab countries took some part in intercepting the Iranian attack led to an Iranian media campaign against them. The Gulf countries, Jordan and Egypt are not interested in portraying themselves as collaborating with Israel, even though they actually are doing so.