Argentine President Javier Milei at the Kotel
Argentine President Javier Milei at the KotelWestern Wall Heritage Foundation

Hamas was livid on Tuesday after Argentine President Javier Milei announced, during a visit to Israel, that he would move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“We strongly condemn and denounce the announcement by the President of Argentina of his intention to transfer his country’s embassy to the Nazi-Zionist entity to occupied Jerusalem, and we consider it an infringement on the rights of our Palestinian people to their land, and a violation of the rules of international law considering Jerusalem an occupied Palestinian land,” Hamas said in a statement quoted by JPost.

The terror group also called on Milei to “rescind this unjust and wrong decision, which places Argentina as a partner to the Zionist occupier.”

The Palestinian Authority has not officially commented on Milei’s announcement, with the exception of a short tweet by Abed Al-Fatah Dolah, spokesperson of Fatah, who said such a move would be “an assault on international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, and a denial of the rights of the Palestinian people to sovereignty and the status that Jerusalem constitutes as the capital of a state Palestine.”

Milei, who was elected this past November, announced shortly after his election that he would make Israel one of his first official destinations.

The Argentine President has in the past also indicated a desire to convert to Judaism.