NASA scientists have recently discovered a planet that is approximately 1 and 1/2 times the size of Earth and is calculated to be suitable for human habitation.

Even so, there is a problem of distance - the star lies 137 light-years away.

NASA claims that relatively close to the aforementioned planet, another planet of approximately the same size as Earth is to be found.

The smaller planet, which is at a fixed distance from the larger one, sustains temperatures that allow for liquid water, a critical aspect of life on a planet. NASA claims that there are other parameters that need to be met for the planet to be declared habitable.

Because of the relatively short distance between the two planets, a full year on the smaller planet is approximately approximately 19 days on Earth.

While it may seem that the distance between Earth and the discovered planets negates any chance of humans living there, NASA claims that the findings on the new planet symbolize another step in the research of atmospheric conditions needed to sustain life, and so another step towards planets beyond our solar system.