Rocket launch (stock image)
Rocket launch (stock image)Reuters/Joel Kowsky/NASA via CNP/ABACAPRESS.COM

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket exploded after liftoff on Monday in Texas.

The rocket failed to launch after its booster exploded a minute after liftoff, FOX News reported.

The ship was not carrying a human payload and only had scientific experiments onboard.

The rocket’s abort system reacted to an “anomaly” and separated the capsule from the rocket. A few minutes later the capsule landed by parachute in the West Texas desert.

“It appears we’ve experienced an anomaly with today’s flight. This wasn’t planned,” Blue Origin said.

“Booster failure on today’s uncrewed flight. Escape system performed as designed,” the company tweeted after the incident occurred on Monday.

The rocket was traveling at nearly 700 mph at around 28,000 feet when the explosion took place.

The launch was the 23rd for Blue Origin’s New Shepard program, named after NASA’s first astronaut in space, Alan Shepard.

The same rocket and capsule have been used multiple times for taking civilian passengers on 10-minute space rides without incident.