Amit Isman
Amit IsmanJustice Ministry

"The prosecutors are under a not-stop attack," those were the words of state prosecutor Amit Isman at the annual Israel Public Law conference Saturday morning.

"It may harm the attempt to raise the obedience to law enforcement and, as a result, the attempt to decrease violence among the Israeli public," he stated.

"Recently, there has been an increase in attacks on the state prosecutors," Isman opened his statements, "Other than the fact that these attacks have increased over the years, both in their amount and severity, recently there have also been personal attacks on state prosecutors. Specific prosecutors who deal with specific cases.

It's no longer just sharp criticism or even very sharp criticism; we've experienced that and even dealt with it. But instead, attacks aimed at the prosecutors themselves, against them and their good name, and against their families and loved ones," he emphasized.

"If that isn't enough, we are accompanied by the feeling that there are those who wish to dispute our legitimacy publicly. Those who wish to say that our actions and decisions are affected by outside influences. A reality where a suspect turns into an investigator of the investigators. The defendant turns into the plaintiff, and the convict becomes the victim of the system."

The state prosecutor warned: "The destruction of the public trust in the prosecution can not be done surgically. In certain cases and against specific prosecutors. Harming one wing of the prosecution is like harming all of them and, as a result, harms law enforcement and the rule of law in the state of Israel."