Benny Gantz
Benny GantzOlivier Fitoussi/Flash 90

National Unity Party chairman MK Benny Gantz on Wednesday blasted the reforms in the judicial system announced by Justice Minister Yariv Levin.

In an interview with Channel 13 News, Gantz asked to convey a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said, "Yes - you were elected by the majority. Yes - you have the legitimacy to form a government. Yes - you are expected to govern. However, you do not have the legitimacy to dismantle the legal system in Israel. You will be remembered as the one who permitted the system to deteriorate to an unbalanced and dangerous place for democracy in Israel."

Gantz said the reform in essence seeks to produce "regime change in Israel."

"We don't have a balanced system. We don't have a constitution that protects us. We don't have two houses. There is a government that mostly controls the Knesset, and now they will control the courts together," he added.

Gantz explained that he is not completely opposed to judicial reform and even pointed out some issues that need to be corrected in it.

"We are proposing a solution, an orderly reform based on the Basic Law: The Legislation, which will be carried out in a long process and with underhanded opportunism. This would be done together with all the relevant bodies. Then, if the Knesset wants to invalidate a ruling of the Supreme Court, it will be carried out by a majority that is not a political randomness."

To the question of whether he would consider joining the Netanyahu government, he replied, "I cannot sit in an extreme government whose purpose is harming the justice system. There is a great danger here for the country and the private citizen. We will be harming our legal protection in the world."