The hasid brings the historic lectern to the Belzer Rebbe
The hasid brings the historic lectern to the Belzer RebbeA.M.S.

A Belz hasid from the southern city of Ashdod moved the Belzer Rebbe (Grand Rabbi) this week, after he brought him an historic item which served his father, the previous Rebbe, over 70 years ago in Tel Aviv.

The lectern in question was used by Rabbi Mordechai Rokeah of Biłgoraj, Poland, over 70 years ago, in his home in Tel Aviv. It was brought by the hasid on the anniversary of Rabbi Mordechai's passing, greatly moving the current Belzer Rebbe.

"When I brought in the lectern, I was convinced that this was indeed the lectern, according to the historic details which I had and which the others who had been following the rare item throughout the years had. But I was not absolutely, 100%, certain," the hasid said.

"After I learned the details of how the lectern was brought, and I presented my estimations regarding its historic status, the Rebbe said in Yiddish, 'It is the lectern of my father, of blessed memory.'"

"After I exited the room, we prayed the evening prayer," he added. "The Rebbe broke from his usual tradition and did not use the regular lectern, but the historic lectern. I am happy and I thank G-d that I acquired such a merit."