Belzer hasidim
Belzer hasidimPhoto by Aharon Krohn/Flash90

Two enormous weddings will take place in Jerusalem Tuesday evening, attended by tens of thousands of Belzer and Gerrer hasidim.

In one of the weddings, expected to be attended by tens of thousands, the Gerrer hasidic sect will celebrate the marriage of the Gerrer Rebbe's granddaughter. The ceremony is scheduled for 4:10p.m. at the hasidic sect's large study hall on Yirmiyahu Street in Jerusalem.

Following this, a celebratory meal will be held, attended by leaders of other hasidic sects, rabbis, and public figures.

Meanwhile, the Belzer hasidic sect will celebrate the marriage of the Belzer Rebbe's grandson, the son of his only son, Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Rokeach.

The wedding ceremony is scheduled for 7:30p.m. in the community's large study hall in Jerusalem, and tens of thousands are expected to attend. The wedding celebration will then take place in the Arena hall in Jerusalem, and hasidic leaders and rabbis are expected to participate in the event.

As a result of the celebrations, central streets in Jerusalem are expected to be paralyzed for several hours.