Smoke at Aramco facility in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia
Smoke at Aramco facility in Abqaiq, Saudi ArabiaReuters

France, Britain and Germany said on Monday that it is clear Iran was responsible for an attack on Saudi oil facilities on September 14.

In a joint statement, the three governments also called on Tehran to agree to negotiations on its nuclear and missile programs as well as regional security issues.

“The time has come for Iran to accept a long term negotiation framework for its nuclear program, as well as regional security issues, which include its missile programs,” said the statement, quoted by Reuters.

French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met during the annual United Nations gathering of world leaders to coordinate their strategy on Iran as the European parties seek to save a 2015 nuclear deal and defuse tensions between Washington and Tehran.

“It is clear to us that Iran bears responsibility for this attack. There is no other plausible explanation,” a statement by the three leaders said.

The three countries said they remained committed to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, but demanded that Tehran return to full compliance after reneging on some of its commitments.

“We are committed to continuing our diplomatic efforts to create conditions and facilitate dialogue with all relevant partners interested in de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East,” they said.

Iran has scaled back its compliance with the 2015 deal signed with world powers in retaliation for US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement last May.

Britain, France and Germany have been trying to save the nuclear deal and have vowed to help Iran evade the economic sanctions imposed by the US, shielding companies doing business with the rogue state in an effort to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

The chief of Iran's atomic agency recently blamed Europe for his country scaling back its commitments under the deal, saying their broken promises gave the Islamic Republic little choice.