Attorney Nati Rom with Holland visitors in HevronLev HaOlam

In the midst of security tensions and two hours after yesterday's attack, Israel supporters from the Netherlands arrived in Hevron to show support for the Jewish community and IDF soldiers.

During the visit, supporters distributed gift baskets to soldiers as a token of appreciation for their activities.

The support tour was organized by Lev HaOlam Director Attorney Nati Rom, who fights the boycott against Israel and operates in 55 countries around the world.

"We support you, we love you, and we pray for you every, every day":

'EU is Rome - not of G-d of Israel': Dutch Israel supporterLev HaOlam

Attorney Nati Rom said: "The press likes to tell us about political isolation and Israel's worst situation in the world. This group, like many others, attests to over a thousand articles claiming otherwise: That Israel has many supporters in the world who will stand by us even if we apply Jewish sovereignty throughout the Land of Israel."

During the tour, the supporters were amazed to learn that the Cave of Machpelah, purchased in full by the Partiarch Abraham, was closed to Jews because of a Muslim holiday.

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Attorney Nati Rom (2nd L) with Holland visitors
Attorney Nati Rom (2nd L) with Holland visitorsLev HaOlam
Israel supporters from Holland in Hevron
Israel supporters from Holland in HevronLev HaOlam