Gilad Sharon
Gilad SharonFlash 90

Pressure continues mounting in the Likud to disqualify Gilad Sharon from competing in Likud's Negev region.

"We, the members of the party central committee who were expelled from our home by the architect of the disengagement, the son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Mr. Gilad Sharon, ask you, distinguished friends, not to accept Sharon's request to run in the party."

They added, "It's superfluous to note that following the departure of his father from the Likud at Gilad's advice, the Likud movement crashed to an unprecedented low and a fracture that took time to heal."

As to who the district representative candidate should be, they say: "There are good and worthy candidates who represent the national camp and the Likud movement in the Negev district where Sharon the son wants to contend."

National Union candidate Dr. Shlomo Karai responded to the letter and said, "I thank the central committee members who say the painful truth about Sharon the son who destroyed the party twice: The first time when he prepared the disengagement plan and the second time when he advised his father to leave for a new party. We, who grew up on the values of the Land of Israel, cannot afford to hurt it again with the architect of the disengagement."

Military historian Arye Yitzchaki says "Gilad Sharon pushed his father to expel Gaza Jews." Indeed, in Gilad Sharon's 2011 biography of his father entitled Sharon: The Life of a Leader, Gilad contended he had convinced his father to uproot the thriving, decades-old communities.

Also Yitzchaki has called on the Likud to cancel Sharon's membership, and to confiscate Havat Hashikmim to establish a new community for those expelled from Gush Katif. "In my opinion that would settle the score for what was done in the expulsion."

Sharon: 'There will be no fire'
Sharon: 'There will be no fire'Flash 90