Fatah's "Bibi the SS officer"
Fatah's "Bibi the SS officer"Palestinian Media Watch

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has long expressed a fascination with the genocidal Nazi regime, but on Thursday PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction chose to present Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as none other than a Nazi SS officer.

Fatah posted a photo-shopped picture of Netanyahu in an SS uniform on its official Facebook page, accompanied by the claim that the picture was "designed by a young Jew," reports Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) which revealed the post.

Fatah post: Bibi the SS officer Palestinian Media Watch

The altered image is part of a wide-scoped trend in the PA to offensively use imagery from the Holocaust to defame and delegitimize Israel.

For example, last January the PA daily Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida claimed Netanyahu has "Nazi genes" just days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

"It is possible that Netanyahu has preserved it [racism] and acquired it genetically from the days of the Nazis and the Aryan race," the daily stated in an editorial. "Instead of Netanyahu disassociating himself from any act that would remind him of Hitler's racism, he imitates it and wants to replicate it against the people of Palestine, its inhabitants and nation and even against the citizens of the State of Israel themselves!"

The PA has compared Israel to Nazi Germany more than once - while also, ironically, admiring the genocidal regime. 

In December 2013, Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) official Farouq Qaddoumi said that Arabs "enthusiastically supported" the Nazi regime during World War Two. In the same year, a youth magazine linked to the Palestinian Authority published a list of "famous quotes" from none other than Adolf Hitler, aimed at glorifying the Nazi leader.

Abbas - who penned a thesis claiming Jews "exaggerated" the scale of the holocaust - has in the past lionized the notoriously pro-Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Abbas has also consistently said that any future Palestinian state would be free of Israelis and Jews, much like the Nazis wanted Germany to be “Judenrein” (free of Jews).

Netanyahu addressed the phenomenon in October 2013, pointing to a deep link between the Palestinian national movement and Germany's Nazi regime.

Netanyahu noted that Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the founder of "Palestinian nationalism," was an admirer and supporter of Adolf Hitler, had met the Nazi Fuhrer on numerous occasions and was actively involved in encouraging Hitler and his henchmen in their project of annihilating the Jewish people.

Far from playing a "minor role" in the Holocaust, as some have claimed, the Mufti played an "important" part in ordering the extermination of Jews and "was directly involved in The Final Solution", Netanyahu said.