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White House to release secret 9/11 report

Officials: decision on release of secret 28-page section of 2002 inquiry in weeks. Document said to reveal Saudi govt. links to 9/11 attack.Ari Yashar, 4/24/2016, 6:34 PM

Doc. hints at link between 9/11, Saudi government

Report: Hijacker's flight certificate was found in a Saudi embassy envelope, blogger reveals.Tova Dvorin, 4/20/2016, 5:30 PM

Sweden's deputy PM calls 9/11 attacks 'accidents'

Swedish Dept. PM and Agriculture Minister Asa Romson says she misspoke, regrets labeling September 11 attacks 'accidents.'JTA, 4/20/2016, 10:41 AM

Trump refers to 7/11 attacks

In line of duty - not doughnut duty: Trump refers to police and firemen at work during '7/11' attacks.Tova Dvorin, 4/19/2016, 6:12 PM

US court ruling suggests Iran ties to 9/11 attacks

NY judge finds Iran liable for damages in 9/11 lawsuit, orders Iranian regime pay $11 billion in compensation.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/20/2016, 8:09 AM

The year 2015 is the year the West became the target

It started in 2001, but has now been understood by most of the West. This is WWIII. Yochanan Visser, 1/1/2016, 10:05 AM

9/11 Victims' Lawsuit Against Saudis Dismissed

Manhattan judge dismisses claims against Saudi Arabia by families of victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.Ben Ariel, 9/30/2015, 5:51 AM

CIA Releases Declassified Documents But 9/11 Cover Up Remains

What really happened on 9/11Dr. Joe Tuzara, 9/13/2015, 12:13 AM

Netanyahu on 9/11: Fight Militant Islam

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says Israel stands united with the Americans in marking 14 years since the 9/11 attacks.Ben Ariel, Canada, 9/11/2015, 8:35 PM

Danny Lewin H'yd: The very first victim of 9/11

He tried to battle the hijackers. In memoriam. Ron Jager, 9/11/2015, 11:35 AM

Top Iranian General Says US Carried Out 9/11

Head of Iranian Ground Forces claims America attacked itself to sow discord between Shias and Sunnis, discusses attacking Saudi Arabia.Ari Soffer, 4/27/2015, 10:19 AM

Oslo 'Peace' Event Organizer: Jews Behind 9/11

One of the Muslim organizers of a Muslim-Jewish coexistence event in Oslo said in 2008 that 'powerful' Jews were behind 9/11.Yaakov Levi, 2/23/2015, 12:14 AM

Haaretz Cartoon Shows Netanyahu as 9/11 Terrorist

In new low even for the ultra-leftist paper, US-Israel tensions illustrated by PM in role of Al Qaeda flying into World Trade Center.Ari Yashar, 10/30/2014, 6:09 PM

PM: We Mourned on 9/11; Palestinians Celebrated

'Israel fully supports Obama's call for a united action against ISIS,' says PM Netanyahu. 'Militant Islam will perish.'Gil Ronen, 9/11/2014, 6:48 PM

Amb. Shapiro Pushes Ceasefire in 9/11 Speech

US Ambassador to Israel says events of September 11, 2001 drive war on terror, but he recommends a truce for Israel.Tova Dvorin, 9/11/2014, 5:57 PM

Egypt TV Shares a Creative 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Egyptian actor thinks the WTC attack was staged by Bush to get rid of the CIA.Arutz Sheva Staff, 9/11/2014, 1:04 PM

September 11 Could Happen Again, Says Mayor

New York mayor Bill de Blasio says his role is to be "vigilant against future terror".Ben Ariel, 9/11/2014, 5:42 AM

PA TV Feeds Into 9/11 Conspiracy: 'Israel Did It'

A video clip comparing an IDF attack on a Hamas stronghold and the Twin Towers highlights the PA's anti-Israel incitementYaakov Levi, 9/4/2014, 8:35 AM

PA Charges IDF of 'Same Terror' as 9/11 Attack

With blatantly flawed logic PA TV runs an ad juxtaposing IDF strike on terror building and Al Qaeda terrorism in New York.Ari Yashar, 9/1/2014, 9:11 PM

September 11 Memorial Museum Dedicated

The true spirit of 9/11 is "love, compassion, sacrifice", says President Obama at dedication of the September 11 Memorial Museum.Arutz Sheva Staff, 5/16/2014, 5:44 AM

9/11 Memorial Exhibit Comes to Tel Aviv

Arutz Sheva covers the opening of 'Ground Zero 360,' a unique exhibit commemorating victims of 9/11 terror attack in New York.Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar, 5/12/2014, 4:13 PM

Report: Missing Flight '9/11 Style' Attack

Al Qaeda informant tells British authorities that Malaysian islamists had shoe bombs, big plans.Tova Dvorin, 3/16/2014, 9:35 AM

NYC Cops, Firefighters Indicted in 9/11 Scam

More than New York 100 police and firefighters indicted on charges of defrauding the government of hundreds of millions of dollars.David Lev, 1/9/2014, 9:06 AM

9/11 Victim Identified 12 Years Later

A man killed in the September 11 attacks in New York becomes the 1,638th victim to be identified through the re-testing of remains.Elad Benari, 9/17/2013, 5:42 AM

Shapiro: 'We Need To See A Future Without Terror'

Participating the JNF memorial for 9/11, U.S. ambassador to Israel spoke of a future with peace led by a "two state solution"Kochava Rozenbaum, 9/11/2013, 10:57 PM

'Hell on Earth'

At memorial ceremony commemorating the 12th year since 9/11 atrocity, Israeli Minister Steinitz says terrorism a global threat.Kochava Rozenbaum, 9/11/2013, 8:38 PM

Explosion Shakes Benghazi on 9/11

Libya's Foreign Ministry building struck by a car bomb exactly one year after attack on the U.S. Consulate.Kochava Rozenbaum , 9/11/2013, 4:52 PM

'On that Day, a Nation became a Family'

In a series of memorial events and programs Americans are marking the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.Adam Ross, 9/11/2013, 11:08 AM

In Memoriam: The First 9/11 Victim

Danny Lewin, a member of the IDF elite volunteer commando unit Sayeret Matkal, fought the attackers on American Airlines Flight No.11. Ron Jager, 9/11/2013, 10:06 AM

Rishon Firefighters to Remember 9/11 Hero

The twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is coming up, and with it will come a memorial for an Israeli firefighter victim 9/11David Lev, 8/29/2013, 11:54 AM

Muslim American Group Plans Provocation on 9/11

A Muslim group in the U.S. caused a media firestorm after announcing it plans to hold a mass protest march on September 11.Elad Benari, 8/19/2013, 5:16 AM

New York's Comeback

Construction workers bolted the last pieces of a 408-foot spire into place atop One World Trade Center.Eliran Aharon, New York, 5/13/2013, 3:13 AM

Families Denounce 9/11 Museum Admission Fee Plans

Families of 9/11 victims are outraged over the National September 11 Memorial Museum's decision to charge admission fees.Arutz Sheva staff, 5/6/2013, 9:49 AM

Search for 9/11 Victims to Be Restarted

New York City will begin a new search for the remains of victims of the 9/11 terror attacksDavid Lev, 4/1/2013, 11:43 PM

Mother of 'I Am Bomb, Jihad' T-Shirt Boy in Court

The mother and uncle of a three-year-old boy named Jihad appeared in French court Wednesday for sending him to school in "I am a bomb" shirtRachel Hirshfeld , 12/20/2012, 12:44 AM

An Obama Muslim Favorite: Israel a 9/11 Suspect

Salam Al Marayati once said Israel is “suspect" for 9/11. Obama has sent him to represent the US at a human rights conference. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 10/15/2012, 2:21 PM

ADF Steel Halts WTC Building Project

Canadian steel company holding materials which are needed to build the antenna on the new World Trade Center.Scott Krane, 10/14/2012, 7:00 PM

US Sends Official to Libya

The United States has sent its second-highest State Department official to Libya a week after its ambassador and other staff were murdered.Chana Ya'ar, 9/20/2012, 3:10 PM

9/11: NYC Mourns, Egyptians Tear Down US Flag

Ceremony and construction at the memorial complex were in stark contrast to what went on in Egypt and Libya on Tuesday, 9/11.Scott Krane, 9/12/2012, 12:24 PM

Remembering Jewish 9/11 Heroes

Abe Zelmanowitz stayed behind to help his wheelchair bound co-worker. Daniel Lewin attempted to thwart the airline hijackers.Ben Bresky and INN staff, 9/11/2012, 7:55 AM

9/11 ‘Miracle Survivor’ Reveals His 22-Story Fall

Pasquale Buzzelli was silent for 11 years and now reveals how he fell 22 floors after the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers – and survived. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu , 9/10/2012, 7:14 PM

Israel Prepares for Next 9/11

Eleven years after 9/11, the Israeli Air Force carries out training sessions to prevent a repeat of the catastrophe that struck the US. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/10/2012, 7:57 AM

Who Financed 9/11 & Has Justice Been Done?

It's still a mystery as to who financed 9/11 because if indeed we know who financed 9/11, we would have punished the ones who financed it.Adina Emmett, 9/6/2012, 2:12 AM

Muslims’ 3-Day ‘Jumah’ Event to Pressure Democrats

"Jumah at the DNC" to highlight Muslim concerns. Leaders are anti-Semitic;one held Jews responsible for 9/11. Fern Sidman, NY Correspondent, 8/28/2012, 9:04 AM

Democratic Politician Claimed No Jews Died in 9/11

A Missouri politician who was a local campaign manager for Obama claimed that no Jews died in the 9/11 attacks, and then apologized.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 7/11/2012, 1:54 PM

9/11 Survivor Circumcised at Age 50

50-year-old Alexander Yabisebitz, a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, undergoes circumcision.Elad Benari, 6/22/2012, 3:14 AM

9/11 ‘Success’ Spurs Al Qaeda’s Cyber Warfare

Evidence surfaces of Al Qaeda plots to launch cyber attacks to disable the electric grid and other parts of the American infrastructure.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 5/23/2012, 3:01 PM

9/11 Masterminds Don't Cooperate at Arraignment

Mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and four co-defendants defiantly disrupt an arraignment at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay.Elad Benari, 5/6/2012, 5:08 AM

U.S. Charges September 11 Masterminds

Charges announced against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of orchestrating the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and four others.Elad Benari, 4/5/2012, 5:14 AM

Online Warning of Al Qaeda Return to New York

U.S. authorities are investigating the source of online poster warning that group wants to stage a repeat “performance” in New York City.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 4/3/2012, 8:04 AM

Al Qaeda Commander, 9/11 Suspect, Caught in Cairo

Egyptian security officials have caught senior international Al Qaeda terrorist Saif al-Adel, wanted by the US in connection with 9/11.Chana Ya'ar, 2/29/2012, 3:39 PM

Green Berets Honored First at 9/11 Monument

The first statue at Ground Zero honors the Green Berets who responded to the call for a War on Terror after the 9/11 attack on America.Chana Ya'ar, 11/1/2011, 12:15 AM

Bin-Laden 'Reaches Out' from the Grave

He may be dead, but he won't be silent: Osama Bin Laden's latest message, recorded before his death, was released by Al Qaeda on Tuesday.David Lev, 9/13/2011, 10:28 PM

UK: Muslims Burn U.S. Flag on 9/11

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, radical Muslims protested outside the U.S. Embassy in London and set fire to the American flag.Elad Benari, 9/13/2011, 5:13 AM

US on Guard for Car Bombs near White House

Threatening messages on the White House Facebook page have promoted authorities to heighten alerts for possible car bombs in Washington. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/12/2011, 2:48 PM

Over 500 at Freedom Rally Near Ground Zero

Helen Freedman: "Obama world is promoting engagement of Islam as a peaceful religion, while war is being waged under our noses."Fern Sidman, 9/12/2011, 12:05 PM

US Jews Fight in IDF, Remember 9/11

American Jewish IDF soldiers, only eight years old at the time of 9/11, remember the tragedy while fighting for their Jewish homeland. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/12/2011, 11:06 AM