Arab Man Sentenced to 8 Months in Prison for Facebook Incitement

Second precedent-setting case marks trend of Israeli Arabs being held accountable for supporting terror online.Orly Harari, 5/19/2015, 1:00 PM

ISIS Launches Own Social Network; Site Shutters within 24 Hours

Site specifically for the terror group tanks for privacy reasons, claims it is not directly associated with the Islamic State group.Tova Dvorin, 3/10/2015, 10:18 AM

Facebook Back Online After Crash

World's most popular social networking site downed temporarily; Instagram, Tinder also affected.Tova Dvorin and Shlomo Pitrikovsky, 1/27/2015, 9:19 AM

Saudi Arabia to Crack Down on 'Anti-Islamic' Social Media Posts

Riyadh examining legal precedent for filing charges against social media sites which allow posts about adultery, atheism, and other vices.Tova Dvorin, 6/2/2014, 6:25 PM

Is Social Networking a Security Risk for the IDF?

Former IDF Chief Rabbi warns against soldiers using social media, citing security risks, maintaining order in the armed forces.Benny Toker and Tova Dvorin, 5/2/2014, 12:49 PM

Facebook Pays More than $16 Billion for WhatsApp

In biggest acquisition yet, Facebook purchases fast-growing mobile messaging service WhatsApp.Elad Benari, 2/20/2014, 2:12 AM

Woman to Pay 10,000 for Facebook Criticism

Judge warns: Facebook slander will cost dearly, starting soon.Maayana Miskin, 1/5/2014, 2:06 PM

Facebook Lifts Ban on Beheading Videos

Facebook condemned as ‘irresponsible’ for allowing footage of decapitations.Maayana Miskin, 10/22/2013, 4:56 PM

Embattled Assad Opens 'Instagram' Account

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has officially opened a new Instagram account in an effort to bolster his image.Rina Tzvi , 7/31/2013, 6:37 PM

Facebook Reveals: Over Six Million User Details Exposed

Facebook revealed that due to a bug on site, roughly six million phone numbers and e-mail addresses had been inadvertently exposed.Rina Tzvi , 6/24/2013, 4:44 AM

Twitter to Audit Tweets to Target Ads

Twitter on Wednesday began to allow ads to be targeted at users based on the words written in 'tweets' and messages.Arutz Sheva staff, 4/19/2013, 1:46 AM

IDF Gets New Commander of Online Media, Foreign Press

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner has replaces Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich as Head of the IDF Foreign Press Branch.Arutz Sheva staff, 2/28/2013, 10:15 PM

Terror and Anti-Semitism on the Internet

Interview with Rabbi A. Cooper of the LA Simon Wiesenthal Center: " We currently monitor over 15,000 hate and terror-related sites. Social networking however, makes the number irrelevant, as a single posting can reach untold thousands and beyond.” Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, 8/20/2012, 1:15 PM

YouTube 'Too Slow' Taking Action Against Hate Videos

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has called on YouTube to remove hateful material that propagates Holocaust denial.Rachel Hirshfeld , 8/14/2012, 11:52 AM

Arabic Facebook Users Demand: 'Insha'Allah' Button

Arabic-speaking Facebook users want the social networking site to add an “Insha’Allah” button to the platform for Mideast.Rachel Hirshfeld , 6/28/2012, 7:24 PM

'What's the Fuzz with Jews' Tweet Taints Swedish Campaign

A campaign designed to promote tourism in Sweden has stirred controversy after a woman posted derogatory comments about Jews. Rachel Hirshfeld , 6/13/2012, 10:28 PM

Only 7% Think Protests Can Save Ulpana

Just 7% of Israelis in Judea and Samaria think that protests can save the Ulpana neighborhood. Maayana Miskin, 6/12/2012, 9:40 PM

A New Front: Samaria Jews to Become ‘Facebook Warriors’

Jews from Judea and Samaria learn to take their cause to social networks. Maayana Miskin, 6/1/2012, 2:10 PM

Pakistan Restores Twitter After Block Over Blasphemous Cartoons

Pakistan restored access to Twitter after blocking the site over posts involving caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.Rachel Hirshfeld, 5/21/2012, 2:20 PM

Anti-Semitic Remarks on Facebook Prompt Police Arrests

Police in Glasgow, Scotland arrested six people over anti-Semitic remarks on Facebook that mocked the Jewish community of Giffnock.Rachel Hirshfeld, 5/17/2012, 10:14 AM

Israeli PM Leads in Facebook Popularity

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become the leading Israeli politician on Facebook, surpassing more than 200,000 “likes.” Rachel Hirshfeld, 4/9/2012, 9:35 PM

Obama: 'Electronic Curtain' Has Fallen Over Iran

Obama: despite sanctions, the U.S. is issuing new guidelines to make it easier to provide services to Iranian people. Rachel Hirshfeld, 3/21/2012, 4:53 PM

"Arab Spring" Inaccurate Description of Earthquake

The “Arab Spring” is much too flowery and seasonal a term to describe an earthquake that threatens stability of region.Rachel Hirshfeld, 2/21/2012, 7:54 PM

Education Ministry: Children Should Not Use Social Networks

Education Ministry officials say parents need to monitor their children's web-use and protect them from online dangers.Gabe Kahn., 2/6/2012, 7:39 PM

FBI Seeks Bids to Build Social 'App'

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for a contractor to help it gather up-to-the-minute info from Internet social networks.Chana Ya'ar, Doron Rotem Shani, 1/30/2012, 9:03 PM

Arabs, Leftists Preparing for September on Faceboook, Twitter

The PA and its supporters are preparing for September, calling for both diplomacy and violence on Facebook and Twitter.David Lev, 8/11/2011, 4:38 PM

Social Protests Target Bibi

PM Netanyahu is targeted by protesters who call for more government help for poor children, retired soldiers.Maayana Miskin, 4/4/2011, 12:13 AM

New Media Makes ‘Dry’ Information Accessible

The IDF Spokespersons Unit explains at Herzliya Conference how it uses new media to make information accessible to everyone.Elad Benari, 2/10/2011, 3:18 AM

IDF Warns Soldiers Against Facebook

IDF warns its soldiers not to publish photos which identify the unit in which they serve on the popular social network.Elad Benari, 12/24/2010, 5:13 AM

Iran Social Network Supports Ayatollah

New Iranian social networking site has been established specifically for supporters of the 'Supreme Leader'. Facebook beware.Elad Benari, 8/19/2010, 5:29 AM