Yemenite Children Affair

State concealed documents of Yemenite kidnapping?

Ayelet Shaked convenes committee to look into whether state intentionally concealed information about disappearance of Yemenite children.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/30/2018, 2:34 PM

Hundreds protest: 'Ask forgiveness from Yemenite families'

Hundreds of people demonstrate near PM's residence demanding that government acknowledge abduction of Yemenite children.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/21/2018, 10:32 PM

New law allows graves of Yemenite children to be exhumed

Amid claims that Yemenite children were taken from their parents at birth and put up for adoption, law passed to open graves for DNA tests.JTA, 2/20/2018, 4:35 PM

Green light to open Yemenite Jewish graves for genetic tests

Amid longterm claims by Yemenite Jews that their children were stolen for adoption in the 1950s, state will open 17 graves for DNA testing.Orli Harari, 1/23/2018, 1:20 PM

Opening graves - according to Jewish law

MK declares bill to open graves for genetic identification must be approved in halakhic ruling by Rabbinate Committee for Honor of DeceasedMordechai Sones, 9/5/2017, 5:39 PM

'Enough shallow apologies'

Son of activist who worked to expose the fate of the missing Yemenite children says that he will protest until his father's name is cleared.Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/30/2016, 11:32 AM

"The family was told that he was dead"

Dr Shovali: "The issue of the disappeared Yemenite children needs an parliamentary investigative committee."Shimon Cohen, 12/29/2016, 9:21 PM

'If you wanted to take a Yemenite child it would cost $5000'

Testimony from committees dealing with the Yemenite children's disappearance released, including discussions of the price paid for children.Yoel Domb, 12/28/2016, 8:53 PM

"One night I had six children die..."

Dr. Amster of Rambam Hospital spoke of the bad condition of children who arrived for treatment in the children's ward during Polio epidemicMordechai Sones, 12/28/2016, 12:59 PM

Government declassifies records of the missing Yemenite children

'The time has come to reveal the records.'Arutz Sheva Staff, 12/28/2016, 11:34 AM

Classified info about lost Yemenite children to be released

Government to release material regarding the 'Yemenite Children Affair' from early days of state that could finally put the matter to rest.Hezki Baruch, 11/13/2016, 4:03 PM

'No rest until we find out the truth about lost Yemenite babies'

MK Nurit Koren says genetic testing can uncover the truth behind the missing Yemenite children of the 1950s.Gary Willig, 10/19/2016, 4:02 PM