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Haniyeh Promises ‘Difficult Days’ for Israel

Hamas' Gaza Prime Minister in Tunisia: We will not a cede a single part of Palestine and won't recognize Israel.Elad Benari, 1/9/2012, 5:15 AM

Tunisia Seeks Fair Trial for Former Libyan PM

Tunisia’s president: We'll extradite former Libyan Prime Minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi if he is guaranteed a fair trial.Elad Benari, 1/3/2012, 7:56 AM

Tunisia Presents New Coalition Cabinet

Moderate Islamist party to run most of Tunisia's ministries in new Cabinet announced Thursday.Elad Benari, 12/23/2011, 5:10 AM

Tunisia's President Calls Jews to Return

Tunisia’s newly elected president: Tunisia’s Jews are full-fledged citizens. Anyone who left is welcome to return.Elad Benari, 12/20/2011, 5:46 AM

Tunisian Muslims Ask Jews to Remain

Muslims in Tunisia bristled at an Israeli minister’s call for its Jews to move to Israel. ”Jews enjoy their rights.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 12/13/2011, 1:07 PM

Indonesian Student Ignite New Uprising?

Could an Indonesian student ignite a second "Jasmine Revolution" after immolating himself in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta?Chana Ya'ar, 12/11/2011, 11:13 AM

Tunisia Protests Enter Day Four

Elections were held, but there's only limited calm in the nation that ignited the region's "Arab Spring" - and now Day 4 of protests.Chana Ya'ar, 12/4/2011, 3:14 PM

Tunisia Extends State of Emergency

The nation that gave birth to the Jasmine Revolution and the Arab Spring has just extended its state of emergency for the rest of the year.Chana Ya'ar, 11/30/2011, 10:15 AM

Tunisia: Islamist Party Big Electoral Winner

The Islamist Ennahda Party won 41% of the seats in Tunisia's first electoral contest since the country initiated the Arab Spring uprising.Gabe Kahn., 11/15/2011, 1:13 AM

Tunisia's Islamists: We'll Welcome All Faiths

The leader of Tunisia’s newly-elected Islamist party: We'll keep the moderation and not exclude anyone.Elad Benari, 11/11/2011, 8:46 AM

Tunisian Extradition Battle Over Former Libyan PM

Tunisia has become the latest battleground over the fate of one of Libya's former leaders -- ex-Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi.Chana Ya'ar, 11/9/2011, 11:43 AM

Tunisia Issues Arrest Warrant for Suha Arafat

Tunisia has issued a warrant for the arrest of Suha Arafat, the widow of former PLO Chairman and chief terrorist Yasser Arafat.Chana Ya'ar, 10/31/2011, 10:10 PM

Tunisia Frees Former Libyan PM

Tunisia has freed former Libyan prime minister Mahmoudi and denied a request by the country's new government to extradite him for trial.Chana Ya'ar, 10/27/2011, 1:07 PM

Islamist Party Claims Victory in Tunisia

A moderate Islamist party is claiming victory in Tunisia's first ever democratic election. Official results not yet known.Elad Benari, 10/25/2011, 7:57 AM

Tunisians Head to the Polls

The nation whose "Jasmine Revolution" launched the Arab Spring in the Middle East is holding its first free national elections today.Chana Ya'ar, 10/23/2011, 9:45 AM

Erdogan: No Freedom in E. Mediterranean for Israel

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells Tunisians "Israel will not be able to move in the eastern Mediterranean as it wishes."Chana Ya'ar, 9/15/2011, 5:17 PM

Tunisian Police Stage 'Jasmine Revolution' II

Tunisian police may be staging their own "Jasmine Revolution" in a protest against the interim prime minister.Chana Ya'ar, 9/11/2011, 8:56 AM

Turkish PM to Tour 'Arab Spring' Nations

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan is planning a tour of Arab nations that overthrew their leaders as ties with Israel wind down.Chana Ya'ar, 9/7/2011, 8:06 PM

Confirmed: Secret Talks in Djerba

Libyan rebels continue to meet secretly in Djerba for talks with representatives of dictator Muammar Qaddafi hoping to end the war.Chana Ya'ar, 8/15/2011, 8:56 PM

Ex-Tunisian Security Chief Begs: 'Forgive Me!

Former Tunisian security chief Ali al-Seriati begged the forgiveness of the Tunisian people Wednesday while appearing in court.Chana Ya'ar, 8/11/2011, 4:36 PM

14-Yr-Old Killed in Tunisia

A young teen was killed in the wee hours of Monday morning in a violent demonstration in Tunisia, and two other protesters were seriously wounded. Chana Ya'ar, 7/18/2011, 10:03 PM

Tunisia Protesters, Police Clash

Protesters torched a police station in a western suburb of the Tunisian capital as unrest continues in the North African country. Chana Ya'ar, 7/17/2011, 4:57 PM

Tunisia Bans Ties With Israel

One of the first acts of Tunisia's new government was to ban normalization of ties with Israel under its new constitution.Chana Ya'ar, 7/3/2011, 3:08 PM

Ousted Tunisian Pres. Sentenced

Former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was sentenced in absentia Tuesday by a judge in the capital, Tunis, to 35 years in prison.Chana Ya'ar, 6/22/2011, 11:36 AM

Egypt, Tunisia to get Billions

The United States, Qatar and the World Bank are among those pledging billions in aid to Egypt. Tunisia to get help as well.Maayana Miskin, 5/27/2011, 3:00 PM

Libyan War Spills to Tunisia

Libya's civil war is spilling over into Tunisia -- especially into Djerba, where most of Tunisia's Jews are living.Chana Ya'ar, 5/22/2011, 4:07 PM

Quiet Lag B'Omer in Djerba

Lag B'Omer celebrations were quiet for the first time this year in Djerba, where security precautions took precedence over simcha (joy).Chana Ya'ar, 5/22/2011, 3:46 PM

Tunisia Nabs Al Qaeda Suspects

Tunisian authorities have arrested two suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. They were carrying a suicide bomber's belt and several bombs.Chana Ya'ar, 5/15/2011, 3:46 PM

4th Day of Riots in Tunisia

Anti-government riots continued Sunday and Monday in Tunisia. One person was killed and scores were arrested. Chana Ya'ar, 5/9/2011, 6:58 PM

Tunisia: Jasmine Revolution II?

Tunis and surrounds are back under curfew after three days of protests appeared to renew the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia. Chana Ya'ar, 5/8/2011, 6:33 PM

Aid for Tunisia Olim

As the Jewish situation in Tunisia worsens, dozens of families will receive special assistance worth over 30,000 shekels each.Gil Ronen, 3/27/2011, 6:43 PM

Another New Tunisian Government

Tunisia's interim president swore in its third new government since the overthrow of long-time leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January.Chana Ya'ar, 3/8/2011, 1:15 AM

New Tunisian Elections Declared

Following the resignation of Tunisia's prime minister and three other ministers, interim President Mebazza sets elections for July 24th. Gabe Kahn., 3/4/2011, 2:19 PM

3 Killed in More Tunisia Riots

Three are dead as violence continues in Tunisia, with protesters demanding the ouster of the government that replaced their deposed president.Chana Ya'ar, 2/27/2011, 10:04 AM

Tunisian Women's Rights at Risk?

The decades-old luxury of women's rights in Tunisia, a unique phenomenon in the Arab world, may be in jeopardy.Chana Ya'ar, 2/23/2011, 11:14 PM

Tunisians Shout 'Death to Jews!'

Local source tells INN: Protesters demanding ouster of their new unity government in Tunisia are now beginning to call for "Death to the Jews." Chana Ya'ar, 2/23/2011, 6:03 PM

Russia: Can It Happen Here?

Some Russians are drawing comparisons between the revolts in the Arab world and their situation.Amiel Ungar, 2/22/2011, 11:46 PM

Concern for Tunisian Jews

Islamists in Tunisia hold an anti-Jewish rally outside the main synagogue. Country's Jews raise security fears.Maayana Miskin, 2/18/2011, 1:10 PM

Italy Faces Refugee Flotilla

Italy is trying to cope with an immigration wave from Tunisia touched off by the regime change and the ensuing confusionAmiel Ungar, 2/13/2011, 1:02 PM

Arab Leaders may Prolong Poverty

Arab leaders try to counter protests with financial incentives, experts warn the “buyoffs” may cause long-term poverty and instability. Maayana Miskin, 2/12/2011, 11:49 PM

Tunisian Revolt Breeds Violence

Five people were killed in Tunisia the past five days. An upsurge of violence threatens to turn the revolution for freedom into a state of anarchy.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 2/9/2011, 11:49 AM

Egypt, Tunisians Suffer, GDP Up

For the past five years the quality of life for Egyptians and Tunisians has deteriorated -- but the economy in both countries has improved.Chana Ya'ar, 2/7/2011, 8:44 PM

Gangs Burn Torah in Tunisia

Gangs in Tunisia set a synagogue on fire, burned a Torah scroll and damaged four-Jewish owned cars Monday night. No injuries were reported.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 2/1/2011, 8:19 PM

ElBaradei to Lead Egypt Protests

Former IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei returned to Egypt Thursday from Vienna to lead protests calling for the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.Chana Ya'ar, 1/27/2011, 9:35 PM

Tunisia Shows Islam on the Rise

The revolt in Tunisia and riots in Egypt are symptoms of a worrying trend in the Middle East, says expert David Bukai.Maayana Miskin, 1/26/2011, 11:14 PM

Three Dead in Egypt Protests

Two protesters and one policeman die as protests in Egypt turn violent.Maayana Miskin, 1/26/2011, 12:13 AM

Massive Street Protest in Egypt

Riots north and south of Israel spread as the “Tunisia effect” hits Egypt, where police used tear gas on thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/25/2011, 6:28 PM

More Protests in Jordan

More unrest is expected to hit Jordan when the local Muslim Brotherhood chapter leads a second protest against the government over rising prices.Chana Ya'ar, 1/20/2011, 4:38 PM

Future of Tunisian Jews in Doubt

As political turmoil in Tunisia continues, the future of the local Jewish community is uncertain. Israeli Tunisians: "Come home to Israel".Elad Benari, 1/18/2011, 8:36 AM

Man Sets Himself Ablaze in Egypt

Two men set themselves on fire Monday, one in Egypt and one in Mauritania, echoing the protester in Tunisia whose desperation toppled a government.Chana Ya'ar, 1/17/2011, 9:35 PM

‘Tunisia Now, PA Tomorrow?’

The rebellion, ensuing violence and mayhem in Tunisia serves a warning against rushing into establish the PA as anew Arab country, warns Netanyahu.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/17/2011, 11:46 AM

21 Israelis Rescued from Tunisia

It wasn't Entebbe, but 21 Israeli tourists in Tunisia were grateful when a complex rescue operation brought them home to Ben Gurion Airport.Chana Ya'ar, 1/16/2011, 10:39 AM

Tunisia Next After Lebanon

President Zine Abedine Ben Ali lost his bid to cling to power in Tunisia. A domino effect after Lebanon?Dr. Amiel Ungar and Rachel Sylvetsky, 1/16/2011, 8:19 AM

Tunisian Singers Support Israel

Tunisian performers cancel international festival performance after video showed them supporting Israel.Elad Benari, 8/11/2010, 1:23 AM