Islamist attack in Tunisia
Islamist attack in TunisiaReuters

More reports of heightened anti-Semitism have emerged in the wake of the Brussels shooting attack - this time, in Tunisia. 

Masked Muslims entered the main market in Djerba on Thursday, and stabbed Gabriel Ozen, 38, a Jewish jeweler and father of four.

Passerby stated that the assailants yelled, "the nation of Mohammed is coming back to take revenge" shortly before the attack. 

Ozen fought the Muslim attacker, but was still stabbed in the chest, authorities said. He was rushed to intensive care in local hospital and is in serious, but stable, condition. 

According to local media reports, merchants on the scene were able to apprehend the perpetrator and turn him in to local police. Justice will not be served, however; more than a hundred masked men surrounded the police station and threatened to burn it down if the terrorist was prosecuted.

The police released the assailant immediately.

Locals are grateful that Ozen escaped death, but are now fearful of unchecked anti-Semitic violence. 

"It was a real miracle - the event could have ended in disaster if not for the intervention of bystanders, who later apprehended the attacker," a local stated to Arutz Sheva Sunday. "Thank God, the wounded man is recovering, but fear and worry run rampant since the attacker was released an hour later and is still at large." 

"Just last week there were thousands of Jews that were at the annual hilula [Lag Ba'omer - ed.] celebration," he mused. "Is it possible there's a connection?" 

This is the second anti-Semitic attack in Tunisia this month. Muslim terrorists attacked Morris Bachiri, a Jewish merchant from El Hara El Kabira, on Passover Eve; Bachiri suffered minor injuries.