Americans for a Safe Israel

Americans For a Safe Israel Visit Arutz Sheva, Judea-Samaria

Headed by co-chairs Helen and Judy Kadish, AFSI activists visit Arutz Sheva's Bet El offices, tell of experiences in Judea-Samaria.Eliran Aharon, 6/10/2015, 5:07 PM

'No Arab Demographic Time Bomb,' Say Experts

Yoram Ettinger and Mark Langfan debunk demographic threat; current trend leads to 80% Jewish majority in Judea, Samaria by 2035.Ari Yashar, 4/9/2014, 12:02 PM

Standing With Israel - Outside AIPAC

As a record 14,000 attend Washington pro-Israel conference, Arutz Sheva speaks to activists who chose to show their support from outside.Ari Soffer, 3/3/2014, 6:15 PM

Obama and Kerry 'Disappointed' By Jewish Criticism

Source close to both officials reports they are 'uncomfortable' at American Jews' support for Israel.Ari Yashar, 1/24/2014, 7:59 AM

Israel Advocacy Group 'Spells it Out' for Kerry

Americans For a Safe Israel 'reminds' US Secretary of State of the security threat posed by an Israeli withdrawal from Judea-Samaria.Ari Soffer, 1/16/2014, 10:05 PM