After 3-year wait, Falash Mura Ethiopians to move to Israel

Group of Ethiopians who claim Jewish descent will arrive in Israel on Sunday.JTA, 10/7/2016, 5:12 AM

Ethiopian Kessim call to end Christian Aliyah

Ethiopian Jewish spiritual leaders urge Netanyahu to let them oversee immigration of Falash Mura, warning missionaries are being allowed in.Shimon Cohen, 5/26/2016, 5:25 PM

'Asleep at the wheel' on Falash Mura aliyah from Ethiopia

Liba Center member calls on Zionist, religious and haredi MKs to oppose mass aliyah of Ethiopian Jews due to their unclear Jewish status.Benny Tocker, 4/11/2016, 5:19 PM

Crisis averted: 1,300 Ethiopian Jews coming home

With coalition revolt, two Likud MKs manage to make Netanyahu backtrack after he scrapped resolution on Ethiopian aliyah.Hezki Baruch, 4/7/2016, 8:34 PM

Ethiopian Jews protest cancellation of mass Aliyah

Up to 2,000 Ethiopian Jews march outside PM's office, demanding he rescind canceling immigration for their relatives.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/20/2016, 6:50 PM

Thousands Of Ethiopian Falash Mura Likely to Get Visas

According to officials, there may be as many as 6,000 people still in Ethiopia who are relatives of families already in the country.Yaakov Levi, 10/29/2014, 9:22 PM

Volunteers Ensure Celebratory Spirit for Ethiopian Immigrants

Simhat Torah is the busiest day of the year for Shvut Am, as volunteers bring party atmosphere to absorption centers across Israel.Adam Ross , 9/25/2013, 11:40 AM

Hundreds Land in ‘Final’ Ethiopian Aliyah

Thousands protest for more aliyah of "Falashmura" Ethiopians as"‘final" flight touches down; Yesh Atid MK is on their side.Maayana Miskin, 8/28/2013, 11:11 PM

Final Group of Ethiopian Olim Set to Arrive in Israel

“Today we bring to an end a journey that spans thousands of years, the conclusion of Operation Wings of a Dove."Kochava Rozenbaum , 8/28/2013, 4:20 PM

Era of Ethiopian Aliya Draws to a Close

After more than 30 years, the state prepares to end aliyah from Ethiopia. Final arrivals expected in August.Maayana Miskin, 7/2/2013, 8:52 AM

Last Jews in Ethiopia Prepare for the Promised Land

Ethiopia may be the only country in the world where all of the Jews move en masse to Israel. The last of the “wanderers” on the way. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/27/2012, 8:13 AM

80 Ethiopian Jews Arrested at Protest in Addis Ababa

80 Ethiopian Jews arrested during a demonstration near the Israeli Embassy in Addis Ababa, where they demanded Israeli citizenship.Elad Benari, 3/31/2011, 2:18 AM

Aliyah from Ethiopia Back after Delay

Immigration from Ethiopia resumes after a delay caused by chicken pox. More than 330 to arrive on midnight flights.Maayana Miskin, 1/16/2011, 8:42 PM

Falash Mura Held Up by Chicken Pox

A Knesset Committee learned today that the Aliyah of the Falash Mura tribe from Ethiopia is being delayed by chicken pox.Hillel Fendel, 12/22/2010, 4:06 PM

Falash Mura on Their Way to Israel

Gov't decides to allow the eligible members of the nearly-8,000 strong Falash Mura tribe in Ethiopia to immigrate to Israel over four years.Hillel Fendel, 11/15/2010, 4:18 PM

'Sample Seder' for New Olim

Hundreds of new immigrants from Ethiopia are hosted for a sample Passover seder, their first ever.Maayana Miskin, 3/25/2010, 8:55 PM

Hundreds Demand Falash Mura Immigration

Hundreds of Ethiopian Jews demonstrated outside the PM's office, demanding: "Bring to Israel the 20,000 Falash Mura stuck in Ethiopian camps."Hillel Fendel, 1/10/2010, 5:21 PM