Did Netanyahu downplay Bennett's role?

In radio interview, PM appears to downplay Defense Minister's role in his government.

Ben Ariel,

Security consultation at the Kirya in Tel Aviv
Security consultation at the Kirya in Tel Aviv
Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday commented on the security escalation in the south.

"There is no magic solution to the Gaza problem because even after a military decision there are two million civilians. A very strong operation is a possibility and I will not go into details. Either the rockets and the balloons will stop altogether - or there will be a different military move," he said an interview on Army Radio.

Netanyahu avoided personally attacking Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, but hinted that the Defense Minister in his government is less significant because he makes the important decisions.

"At the end of the day, the security decisions are connected to the Prime Minister," he said.

The Prime Minister made it clear in the interview that he is not committed to US “Deal of the Century” in its entirety.

"I agreed with Trump that the things are being given to us are being given irrespective of the implementation of the plan with Abbas. The misunderstanding may not be on our side, but due to a certain problem of communication there, but I believe President Trump."

Netanyahu attacked the judicial system, saying, "I have criticism, and not only me, over the very difficult phenomena we discovered in the prosecution and not the police, but I think we should all recognize that we have outstanding courts."