Hamas: 'We'll force the rules of the game'

Senior Hamas official promises to force 'new rules' if Israel does not cease border control between terror-controlled enclave and Israel.

Dalit Halevi ,

Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists
Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists
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Usama al-Mazini, a senior Hamas official in Gaza, said that Hamas will not hesitate to force new rules if the "siege" on Gaza is not lifted.

Though there is no siege on Gaza, Israel must for its own safety ensure that no weapons are brought into the terror-controlled enclave. Defying Israel's precautions, Gazan terrorists use fuel intended for cooking and heating to create explosive and incendiary balloons to send into Israel, as well as to create firebombs to throw at IDF soldiers and bases.

At a central Gaza event marking 32 years from the beginning of the First Intifada, Mazini said that Hamas will never back down from its principles and that its firm stance in the wars with Israel have ensured the failure of attempts to harm the "Palestinian fight."

Mazini also emphasized that the "Palestinians' rights" will not be negotiable, and that the US peace deal will fail together with the others which advance "normalization" with Israel.

Turning to Hamas' military arm, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Mazini said: "The cowardly enemy only understands the language of force, and does not understand anything but the language of the gun, so speak with it in the language which it understands. Gather your strength, and continue to hit it, with you and your brothers in a joint operations room."

Mazini also promised to bring about the release of Palestinian Authority and Gazan security prisoners, and added that Hamas is working to ensure the "right of return" for every Palestinian Authority and Gazan "refugee."

Hamas will also continue opposing any agreement which does not include the return of "refugees" or an arrangement regarding an alternative homeland.