'Religious Zionism will be first to be harmed'

Im Tirtzu: 'Religious Zionism should be first to attend rally because it's first to be harmed if Leftist government is established here.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Yehuda Sharabani
Yehuda Sharabani
Hezki Baruch

The Im Tirtzu movement today announced launching a public campaign titled "Save democracy - restore trust in the justice system."

The movement calls on the public to come to the mass demonstration in Tel Aviv tonight, emphasizing that this is a topic that must be especially close to the heart of religious Zionism.

According to movement leader Yehuda Sharabani, "Religious Zionism should be the first to arrive to the rally today because it's the first to be harmed if a Leftist government is established here."

Im Titrzu notes that the decision to campaign now is due to recent events related to the investigation and conduct of the justice system against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"Since 2015, the Im Tirtzu movement has been examining the takeover of the Supreme Court and the legal oligarchy over the public systems in Israel, disrupting the lives of millions of citizens.

"Now, with the questionable timing of the indictment, the movement decided to launch a wide-ranging public campaign that will focus on the will of Israeli citizens to set up an investigative conference for investigative failures against Netanyahu. In addition to this demand, the movement will focus most of its publicity on the need to restore public confidence in the judicial system, which can be done, among other things, by changing the judiciary method, establishing an independent and effective judicial review body, splitting the role of the Attorney General, and enacting basic law: separation of powers," said the movement.