Terrorist's body returned to family for burial

Body of terrorist who stabbed police officer in Jerusalem's Old City returned for burial minutes before Shabbat.

Shimon Cohen ,

Scene of the attack in the Old City
Scene of the attack in the Old City

The body of Nazim Abu Rumi, one of the terrorists who carried out a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, was returned a few minutes before Shabbat last week.

One person, a police officer, was wounded in the attack.

Maor Zemach of the "Go Jerusalem" movement lamented the return of the terrorist's body in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

Zemach said that the body of the terrorist Omar Younes, who carried out a stabbing attack at the Tapuach Junction last April, was also returned to his family for burial.

How do the bodies of terrorists go back to their families without the Israeli public being aware of it and at the same time what seems to contradict the government's position. Zemach said that in most cases, these cases reach the High Court of Justice, and already there in the preliminary hearings, even before the High Court makes its final decision, the government announced that it has agreed to return the bodies of the terrorists. "This was the case with the terrorist from the Issawiya neighborhood two months ago and so was what happened yesterday."

He said in a stabbing attack in the Old City, a police spokesman's statement said that two terrorists were killed. "It was inaccurate that one was critically wounded and doctors went out of their way to save his life, which they succeed in. He was indicted and the other terrorist was returned yesterday and buried in the morning following a campaign that was all incitement in Abu Dis."

And what about the restrictions that used to be part of the agreements with the family members, agreements that included a limit on the number of funeral participants, the setting of a late night time for the funeral and the prohibition of animate signs during the course of the funeral? All of these, it turns out, are irrelevant when the terrorist is not a Jerusalem resident.

"Arrangements apply to terrorists from Jerusalem. Recently, [attacks have been committed] by terrorists who are not from Jerusalem. If such an event occurs, the body was returned on condition that it would be buried in one of the suburbs of Jerusalem. Al Azaria is not a Jerusalem neighborhood but is adjacent to Jerusalem, but it is in Area B. According to the High Court, if the terrorist is identified with Hamas then he remains a bargaining chip. Abu Rumi is identified with Fatah, which issued a proclamation in his memory and also the flags of the Popular Front and Fatah were the ones at the funeral.

"Beyond the burial campaign being an incitement to violence, it must be understood that the same minor terrorist, less than 15 years old, came to carry out an attack in the heart of Jerusalem after attending a PA summer camp in El Azaria, which is on the road to Ma'ale Adumim. A week after the camp ended, he and his friend arrived to carry out a terror attack in Jerusalem," noted Tzemach.