Bitan: It's possible Arab party didn't really pass threshold

Likud MK backs election chief's request for police probe of alleged voter fraud in Arab sector.

Hezki Baruch ,

David Bitan
David Bitan
Flash 90

MK David Bitan (Likud) praised the request of Central Election Committee chairman Hanan Melcer to open a criminal investigation following the discovery of evidence of fraud at the polls in the Arab sector.

"I am pleased that the chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Honorable Judge Hanan Melcer, has acceded to my request. As his deputy on the Likud committee, it was my duty to make sure that the voter's will was reflected in a truthful manner," said Bitan. "The evidence we presented was troubling and bordering on suspicion of fraud in a large number of polling stations. It's possible that Balad would not have actually passed the threshold. This phenomenon must be uprooted."

Earlier this evening, MKs of the Hadash-Ta'al and the Balad-United Arab List parties attacked Judge Hanan Melcer, chairman of the Central Elections Committee, on Sunday for requesting that the Attorney General open a criminal investigation into alleged election fraud at polls in Arab areas.

"At a time when the Central Elections Committee should be demanding an investigation of the illegal placement of cameras at the polls, Melcer chose to align with the inciteful camera project and rely on material collected while undermining the integrity of the elections," the Arab Knesset members said.

"It's unthinkable that the chairman of the Central Elections Committee adopt a biased and unfounded report by Likud representatives without examining the committee itself and exposing it to a police investigation," the MKs added. "The placing of hidden cameras in polling stations in Arab communities is just another element of the ruling party's attack against the essence of Arab citizenship in Israel. But the fact that the chairman of the election committee is supporting them is a new crossing of the bar of the rift between the Arab public and the state of Israel."

Members of Hadash-Ta'al and the Balad-United Arab List claimed that "the Likud decided on a goal - the lowering of the percentage of Arab voters - and the chairman of the Central Elections Committee is helping them while seriously harming the public's trust. We are the ones who demanded that the cameras and the material that was filmed be collected immediately, and we reiterate our demand that an investigation be opened against what has already been clearly proven - the violation of the election law and infringement of freedom."