Abbas: Israel is desecrating holy sites

PA sends message indicating its 'final' intention to cease security coordination with Israel.

Dalit Halevy,

Threatening. Abbas.
Threatening. Abbas.
Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority's office in Ramallah said that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas would hold a series of urgent diplomatic contacts with Arab and international elements over the next few days in order to spur them to act against "the dangerous Israeli escalation that is manifested in incursions into Palestinian cities, continuing the crimes of the settlers and the desecration of the holy places."

The statement said that the Palestinian Authority would make "important and decisive decisions" if the Israeli incursions and attacks continued in Palestinian cities, but refrained from specifying their nature.

The Palestinian Authority stressed that it would not be possible to remain silent about the Israeli actions that it claimed were a flagrant violation of agreements, and therefore intended to make a new and “final” assessment of the situation in order to make decisions necessary to protect the “Palestinian people.”

It should be noted that in recent years PLO institutions have approved decisions to stop security coordination with Israel, but to date these decisions have not yet been implemented, and it is possible that the current Palestinian threat is linked to the intention to stop security coordination.