PA resumes security coordination with Israel

PA police chief confirms security coordination with Israel resumed after Abbas cut off coordination after terror attack at Temple Mount.

AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff,

Palestinian Authority Police officer (illustrative)
Palestinian Authority Police officer (illustrative)
Nati Shohat/Flash90

The head of the Palestinian Authority police confirmed on Wednesday that security coordination had resumed with Israel, after it was partly suspended in July.

"Everyone is coordinating now. That means things returned to what they were before July 14," Hazem Atallah said. "Things are normal now."

He later confirmed to journalists in Ramallah that it was around two weeks ago that security coordination resumed fully.
PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas announced in July security coordination was being suspended in protest at Israel installing new security measures at the entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, although it was unclear to what extent it was actually cut.

The security measures, including metal detectors, were installed after two Israeli policemen were murdered in the area by Arab Israeli terrorists who emerged from the holy site to commit the attack.

Atallah said security coordination was never completely cut for the police, saying 95 percent of the activities had continued.

"The only thing we stopped is we didn't meet them in the field," he added.

"We don't work with politics. We work for people," he said, defending the coordination which polls say is unpopular with most Arabs.