'People were shouting that this is a terror attack'

Teens wounded in attack at the Ofra junction spoke moments beforehand with pregnant woman who was seriously wounded.

Hezki Baruch ,

Shooting attack at the Ofra juncion
Shooting attack at the Ofra juncion
Ofer Meir/Flash 90

Chen Antebi and Meirav Sharvit, 16, who were lightly wounded in Sunday’s shooting attack at the Ofra junction, recalled the moments of the attack from their beds at the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

Moments before the attack, the two spoke with Shira, the 21-year-old woman who was seriously wounded in the attack and was in the advanced stages of her pregnancy. The hospital's doctors delivered her baby, who is in stable condition at the ward for premature babies. His wounded mother is still fighting for her life.

"Chen and I stood at the hitchhiking stop in Ofra, waiting for the ride that was supposed to pick us up,” recalled Meirav. "Suddenly I saw shrapnel flying, I saw the pregnant woman bleeding on the floor, I began to hear shouts of 'shooting', 'terror attack.'”

"We were sure that it was detonators and fireworks, and then people went down to the floor, crawled and hid in the back. I saw Chen go down to the floor, we crawled behind the hitchhiking stop, and we hid behind the monument there," she added.

Added Chen, “I was looking for my friend Meirav. I was afraid, I ran, we stood behind the monument, we waited there, someone shouted next to us, started yelling 'Shema Israel'...then the rescue forces came and there were screams.”

Meirav recalled that she saw the terrorist shooting from a vehicle. Asked about her conversation with Shira, who was seriously wounded, she said, "She is the sister of a really good friend of mine and just seconds before we had asked her how she was doing...I didn’t see as much of what was going because I had my back turned to the scene, I was busy crawling and moving backwards. I saw IDF forces coming from all directions, and at some point Magen David Adom forces came. People were shouting, 'shots', ‘shots.’”

Chen, who was sure the noise was because of fireworks, said, "At some point I saw her bleeding. I ran, did not understand what was happening. Suddenly I saw a lot of soldiers, and I understood that this was a terrorist attack. I was wounded in the chest. I spoke with Shira five minutes before and suddenly I saw her husband shouting, 'Move.'"

IDF soldiers are continuing to search for the terrorists who carried out the shooting attack. Palestinian Arab media reported massive IDF activity in the village of Silwad, near Ofra, in the hours after the attack.

In addition to Shira, six other people were wounded in the attack. Her husband, also 21, was moderately wounded. Another person was moderately wounded in the attack and the rest sustained minor injuries.

An initial investigation has revealed that the terrorists drove on Highway 60 in a white Peugeot, approached the bus stop at the entrance to Ofra and slowed down.

At this point, the terrorists opened fire at the Israelis who were standing at the station. An IDF force at the scene fired at the vehicle of the terrorists and hit the vehicle, but the terrorists managed to escape.