Greenblatt blasts countries that worked to defeat UN vote

Trump envoy criticizes countries which acted to thwart US-backed resolution condemning Hamas.

Elad Benari, Canada,

Jason Greenblatt
Jason Greenblatt

Jason Greenblatt, the US Special Representative for International Negotiations, on Friday blasted the countries which acted to thwart Thursday’s vote at the UN General Assembly on a US-backed resolution condemning the Hamas terrorist organization.

Greenblatt was responding on Twitter to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) who had written, “It’s a disgrace and an embarrassment that the UN failed to pass a simple measure condemning Hamas’ violent attacks on innocent civilians.”

In response, Greenblatt wrote, “Thank you Rep. Steve Scalise for raising awareness of this SHAMEFUL vote by the UN yesterday. This result and the games played by certain countries to defeat the vote by raising the required threshold for success to 2/3 just for this vote is very important to think and talk about.”

Even though the resolution received a majority of 87 votes in favor during Thursday’s vote, it was not approved as, moments before the vote, the UN approved a measure by Kuwait which stipulated that a two-thirds majority would be required for the adoption of the US resolution condemning Hamas.

Despite the fact that the resolution was not approved, Israel’s UN Ambassador, Danny Danon, described the vote as one that brought Hamas to justice.

“We achieved a plurality. That plurality would have been a majority if the vote had not been hijacked by a political move of procedure. But in one strong, courageous voice, we have brought Hamas to justice,” he said.

Greenblatt had taken to Twitter on Thursday, hours after the vote, and wrote, “Absolutely shameful!! UN failed to condemn Hamas even after years of attacks via suicide bombings, kidnappings, missiles, and more against Israelis. The applause after the vote says it all. Hamas hurts Israelis, Palestinians and peace. When will the UN speak the truth???”

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