PA calls to try Public Security Minister in The Hague

PA condemns Minister Erdan's statements on need to act against those using kite terror, calling to prosecute Israeli 'criminals' at ICC.

Dalit Halevy,

Kitebomb on Gaza border
Kitebomb on Gaza border

The Palestinian Authority's so-called “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” condemned Defense Minister Gilad Erdan's comments on the methods of action required to deal with kite terror.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Minister Erdan said this week: "There is no difference in this context, a fire is a murder attempt and terror like everything else. Just like in Jerusalem, where I worked so that throwing stones and Molotov cocktails would be recognized as endangering life and requiring protocol for opening fire, here too I expect the IDF to treat the kite launchers like those who launch a missile or rocket, that is to say, a ticking bomb that must be dealt with immediately and prevented in any way possible."

In a statement issued on June 6, the PA “ministry” said that Erdan's remarks reflected "the terrorist and racist mentality of the occupation and its policy based on hatred and crime against all members of our [Palestinian] people."

It added that it is imperative to prosecute the "[Israeli] criminals and murderers" at the International Criminal Court, though “it seems that with regard to Israel, the international community is willing to give up its moral values, principles and dignity in order to avoid criticism of Israel."