Bereaved mother:
'A terrorist who came to slaughter a family shouldn't live'

Dvora Gonen, mother of Danny Gonen who was murdered in a terrorist attack, criticizes punishment handed down to murderer of Salomon family.

Benny Tocker ,

Terrorist who murdered Salomon family
Terrorist who murdered Salomon family
Eliran Aharon

Dvora Gonen, mother of Danny Gonen who was murdered in a terrorist attack near the town of Dolev in 2015, on Thursday criticized the punishment of four life sentences that was handed down to the terrorist who murdered the Salomon family in Neve Tzuf.

“Justice has not been served,” Gonen told Arutz Sheva, adding, “What is four life sentences? There is only one sentence – death. I welcome the fact that one of the judges supported the death sentence, that is the justice that should have been served. The terrorist is smiling because he knows where he is going. He will continue to live and his family will receive salaries for life."

"Anyone who says that justice was served because he got four life sentences is lying to himself and to others. That is not justice. A terrorist who comes to a family on a Friday night with the intention of slaughtering a family on his distorted mind should not continue to live. His sentence must be death and thinking this does not make me a less good Jew or a less moral person,” she continued.

"On the contrary," stressed the bereaved mother. "Judaism and the true Jewish statement say that he deserves death, that is justice. Today justice was not served, justice was done with the terrorist, not with the victims, not to the family, justice was done with the terrorist who survived and will continue to live."

Gonen pointed out that her son’s murderer was also given a prison sentence and that he is enjoying conditions similar to people who stay at a luxury hotel.

"His family enjoys the salaries, there is a reasonable chance that he will be released in some sort of deal, and even if he is not released in a deal, he lives, breathes, smiles, laughs, eats, and studies," she said.