'He prayed in the mosque - then went out to murder Jews'

Terrorist indicted for stabbing attack in Lod last week. Suspect entered Israel illegally in order to murder Jews.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

site of Lod stabbing attack
site of Lod stabbing attack

An indictment was filed Friday against the terrorist Malik Sa'ada, 19, from Halhul near Hevron, for attempted murder during an act of terrorism and illegal entry into Israel.

The terrorist carried out a stabbing attack in the city of Lod a week and a half ago, wounding a Jewish woman.

According to the indictment, the defendant stayed in Lod illegally for two weeks, worked in a bakery and slept in an apartment there, even though he did not have a permit to leave Judea and Samaria.

On March 27, the terrorist decided to commit a stabbing attack in order to kill Jews, and decided to go to an area with a high number of Jews to search for potential victims.

The terrorist took a large kitchen knife and hid it in his coat. He then went to pray in a mosque before staking out a residential building where Jews live in order to wait for a potential victim to walk past.

When Sa'ada spotted Revital Kenino, the principal of an Israeli school, he attempted to murder her.

Sa'ada fled after wounding Kenino, but was arrested before he could manage to get back to his village in Judea.

The police, who originally tried to blame the crime on criminal elements in Lod although the suspect himself said otherwise, requested that Sa'ada's detention be extended until the end of the proceedings against him in light of the danger he poses to Israel's citizens.