Terrorist who stabbed policeman apprehended

A terrorist who stabbed and wounded a policeman near Har Adar in the Judean hills was arrested and will be charged soon.

Kobi Finkler ,

Knife used in stabbing attack
Knife used in stabbing attack
Police spokesman

In a coordinated operation of the GSS and the Israeli police, a 17-year-old terrorist from the village of Beit Surik was arrested two months after he stabbed a soldier near Har Adar.

The Border Police fighter was lightly wounded in the shoulder in the incident.

The GSS investigation revealed that the terrorist had for a long period observed the security forces moving adjacent to the security fence in the vicinity of his house and had noted their movements.

On the day of the attack he left his house and took a knife which he had prepared beforehand and stalked the Border Police unit adjacent to the security fence. When the unit reached his area he attacked one of the soldiers and wounded him in the shoulder and then escaped.

The GSS reported that "the GSS, together with the Israeli police will continue to act with all the methods at their disposal to prevent attacks and to bring attackers to justice."

The investigation documents were transferred to the Military Prosecutor who will submit the indictment against the terrorist.