Amona residents uncertain about government intentions

Amona action committee asks government to clarify its suggested arrangement for community and advise them how it intends to implement it.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: מרים אלסטר, פלאש 90

The Amona action committee published an announcement Tuesday with reference to the new solution suggested for saving the community as well as calling on the public to attend the demonstration scheduled for tonight in Paris Square, Jerusalem.

"We heard that the state is interested in providing a solution for Amona which will enable us to stay on the same hill. It is too early to know whether the matter has been confirmed. We have suffered numerous disappointments previously and we know that goodwill intentions is one thing and reality is another.

"We asked the state to explain the new arrangement: Does this leave the community in a proper state, is it for a permanent period, and who is providing assurances that the matter will come to fruition?"

The action committee stressed that the ball is in the state's court. "We are waiting for answers. In the meantime we are aware of large police and military forces arriving in our sector and of the operational and logistic preparations for an immediate evacuation. We understand that nothing is definite as yet and we will have to be strong and stick to our truth as we have tried to do until now.

The committee called on the public to join the demonstration at 18:30 tonight and "strengthen us in our determined stand for our land, a stand whose importance is intensifying at this time. We too will be there. Only through your allegiance and support have we reached this stage. Let's turn this demonstration into a show of force and belief- we have come here to win," said committee members.

As previously reported, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Jewish Home Ministers Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett, and Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.reached an agreement Monday which would enable a solution to the Amona issue based on transferring residents to absentee properties adjacent to the community.

The area allocated for the relocated town of Amona will be expanded to tens of dunams (acres), which will allow the town to grow over time. The government stressed that only if residents will accept the new arrangement and evacuate peacefully it will be implemented. If residents confirm the new arrangement the state will ask the High Court to defer the evacuation in order to implement the new solution

הפרטים הראשוניים של התכנית הוצגו בפני התושבים אמש. בממשלה מדגישים כי המתווה מותנה בכך שיהיה מקובל על תושבי עמונה, ורק אם יסכימו להעתקה בדרכי שלום הוא יכנס לתוקף.

אם יאשרו התושבים את הפתרון תגיש המדינה לבג"ץ בקשה לדחיית הפינוי כדי ליישם את הפתרון החדש. כאמור, ביישוב דורשים לקבל פרטים נוספים אודות המתווה שגובש ורק לאחר מכן יביעו את הסכמתם.