Arab countries continue to dominate UNESCO

Arab members of UNESCO combine to replace ambassador who would not ratify the decision denying Jewish connection to Temple Mount.

Nitzan Keidar ,

UNESCO headquarters in Paris
UNESCO headquarters in Paris

The debate over the UNESCO decision to deny the connection between the Jewish people and the Western Wall and Temple Mount continues.

The Arab countries initiated a procedure by which the German ambassador at UNESCO who was supposed to supervise the ratification of the original proposal as director of the governing body will be replaced by the Swedish ambassador.

This step comes in response to the German representative's refusal to ratify the decision and his demand that the debate on the matter should be postponed until a more refined version of the decision could be composed which would not deny the Jewish connection to these holy places.

According to the opinion of those involved, the procedure initiated by the Arab countries will ensure that a majority will be maintained for the ratification of the original decision.

Germany was one of the six countries to oppose the original proposal and its representative, realizing that Israel is still fuming over the outrageous decision, tried to postpone the final vote on the matter in an attempt to create a more moderate version of the decision.

UNESCO had already voted against a similar proposal before bringing it up again. A similar proposal is due to be discussed in the Heritage Committee of the organization in the coming months.

Israel has stated that it will cut off relations with UNESCO in the wake of the decision which was originally proposed by Palestinian representatives and by their supporters from various countries.

The decision is in direct refutation of recorded history of Jewish life in Jerusalem preceding the 7th century Arab conquest, the most conspicuous proof of which is the 1st century Arch of Titus in Rome which depicts the Roman Legion bringing the Jews' Holy Temple treasures to Rome from destroyed Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu ridiculed the anti-Semitic decision, suggesting that UNESCO visit the Arch and see for themselves.