Court OK's demolition of terrorist murderer's home

Home of terrorist who stabbed Israeli woman to death outside supermarket in Beit Horon will be demolished.

Shlomo Piotrokovksi,

Shlomit Krigman
Shlomit Krigman
From the family

The Israeli Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon rejected an appeal against the demolition of the home of the Arab terrorist who murdered an Israeli woman last January.

Shlomit Krigman was stabbed to death in the attack, which also left another woman seriously wounded, outside a supermarket in Beit Horon.

Two terrorists carried out the attack, armed with knives and pipe bombs. They were prevented from entering the shop itself by the store manager, who fought them off with a shopping cart, but proceeded to attack shoppers outside before being shot dead.

Judge Yitzhak Amit rejected the plea despite the fact that the terrorist whose home is slated for demolition was a minor, due in part to the fact that the terrorist had already been known for extremist activities, and that he and his father were both warned by the Shin Bet security service against carrying out attacks.

The pair were in fact warned on two separate occasions over the son's extremist activities - yet the terrorist and his accomplice, both from the village of Beit Ur al-Tahta, still carried out the deadly attack.

In his ruling, Judge Yitzhak Amit said the father failed to supervise his son despite receiving ample warning - indicating his possible connivance in or approval of such attacks.

Home demolitions of terrorists are often utilized by Israel as a means of deterring further attacks. Authorities justify the move by noting that in most cases family members are aware of the attacker's intentions and activities, and either aid in or do nothing to stop the attacks.

Judge Amit also rejected attorneys' claims that the Shin Bet warning actually underscores the security service's own failure to prevent the brutal attack.

"This claim is wisdom with the benefit of hindsight," he said, further noting that had the Shin Bet sought to place the terrorist under administrative detention prior to the attack to prevent his involvement in future terrorist activities, his family would have fought against that measure as well.